Mercedes Benz this coming weekend at two Frisian events

Owners and other lovers of Mercedes-Benz classics and youngtimers can indulge themselves this weekend. In the Frisian towns of Burgum and Surhuisterveen, meetings are held on Saturday 28 May and Sunday 29 respectively, which the Benz fan can only charm. On Saturday, Burgum is dominated by the Mercedes-Benz family day, which is organized by the R107 club. A new edition of Star Cars and Coffee is taking place in Surhuisterveen on Sunday.

Saturday: Mercedes Benz family day in Burgum
On the grounds of Auto Schat in Burgum, the Mercedes-Benz weekend is kicked off with the family day. Allegedly a number of 200 Mercedes meet. The event will also be graced with a stand where newer copies of the brand with the Star are offered for sale. Furthermore, appraisals are carried out, cleaning demonstrations are held and visitors with an air-conditioned Benz can have the climate system checked for leaks and operation. And if there is a small dent, dent specialists are ready for a minimal cosmetic upgrade. Naturally, the inner person has been thought of and for the younger Benz adepts, among other things, a large inflatable bouncer will be installed. Also, those who feel the need to explore the beautiful surroundings of Burgum can take another ride, which covers approximately 40 kilometers. This and much is waiting for everyone who comes to the Auto Schat premises in Burgum next Saturday.

The MB R / C107 club organizes the Mercedes Benz family day in Burgum. It promises to be an event where 200 copies of "Das Haus" come together. And the R107 will not be missing. Image: Erik van Putten
The MB R / C107 club organizes the Mercedes Benz family day in Burgum. It promises to be an event in which, among others, 200 copies of "Das Haus" come together. And the R107 will not be missing. Image: Erik van Putten

Star Cars and Coffee on Sundays
The Benz festival in Friesland continues cheerfully on Sunday. From one o'clock in the afternoon the grounds of Klaas de Poel in Surhuisterveen will be filled with representatives from the rich history and present of Mercedes-Benz. From Heckflosse to the new E-Class, from Ponton to Baureihe W123, from the first post-war Benz to the W124, from SL to SLK: all types of Mercedes-Benz are welcome, both in passenger cars and in transport. The visitor does not have to be surprised if a beautiful classic Unimog or a brand new Mercedes-Benz Actros comes to liven up the site in Surhuisterveen.

Famous location
The fifth edition of Star Cars and Coffee will be held at the well-known location. This is easy to find and accessible and is located on the Lauwersweg 7 in Surhuisterveen, next to the - with many beautiful Mercedes young - and old-timers filled buildings of Klaas de Poel. Between Auto Bijlsma and Klaas de Poel Storage Company, there is sufficient parking available to receive visitors to the meeting and the lunch house. And it is certain in advance that the visitors will liven up an organized meeting full of Mercedes experience.

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