Mazda 1000 (1973). Japanese exotic from Eelke van der Kooi

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What do you do when you come across a nice Japanese like this 1000 Mazda 1973 who looks exquisite and you have promised yourself to stick with your own work as a Ford parts supplier? Then you let your feelings speak again.

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By: Dirk de Jong

Eelke put it differently "Sometimes I give myself some fantastic advice, but I am unable to follow it." Conclusion: the beautiful red Mazda 1000 moved to Veenwouden.

Japanese class car

The Mazda 1000 is a generous four-seater car. Very beautifully lined and very spicy. With its 63 hp it effortlessly reaches a speed of 140 real kilometers. Add to that its complete equipment, a comfortable seat and good handling. The excellent condition can be explained because the Mazda 1000 was an eye-catcher for no less than 25 years in the showroom.

Hobby car

Now the car is almost exotic. It still shines just like in the showroom and as a hobby car it is a nice start. The bright red color provides charm. And also for a lot of attention on the road. Maybe afterwards good that Eelke let his feelings speak and the Mazda 1000 gives a new life to the road.

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Mazda 1000 (1973)
Mazda 1000 (1973)
Mazda 1000 (1973)

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  1. Olav ten Broek

    29 June, 2020 at 20: 36

    Now an exotic, not then. Was known as a small car of the highest quality. The 1300 was a lot faster, just went towards 150. The standard Renault 12, Ford Escort and Opel Kadett did not achieve that at all.

    The Mazda had one drawback: for many tall Dutch people it was just on the tight side.

  2. Rjab

    29 June, 2020 at 20: 30

    Has also been one of my sister's 1st cars. Was, I think, in the fashionable color diarrhea brown with a vinyl roof. Was a good working tin. Never left her.

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