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Fiat 850 Familiare ready for 50 years of care by second owner

Mike van Leeuwen solemnly promised the widow Violetti that he would take care of the 'baby' for the next fifty years. "Then her tears ran even faster and she gave me a big hug." Touching, that typical Italian sentiment as a memory of a rich family life. Now the Fiat 850 Familiare can make a new generation happy.

Suzuki GS1000 - the superlative

There was a persistent rumor in the mid-1s that the Japanese wouldn't be able to build good motorcycles. The opinion about the quality of the engine blocks from the land of the rising sun was already considerably milder at the time. Renowned frame builders including Bimota and Rickman have already used the modern and powerful engines of Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki, among others, for famous creations such as HB1, KB1, SB750 and Honda CR500. Firms like Laverda and Benelli had even gone so far as to copy Honda engine blocks in the guise of the Benelli 750 Quattro, 650 Sei and Laverda 750 and XNUMX. When the copier itself is being copied, something must have clearly happened in the meantime with the negative reputation from the former 'copy-cat'.

Restoration Opel Rekord 1700

A few years ago, Erwin Roosink bought an almost written-off matt black Opel Rekord 1700 from 1971. And what do you do when you are a big fan of the television series Dukes of Hazzard? Right. Then you give that Opel the looks of the orange Dodge Charger from 1969.

Volvo 340 GL

Regular readers of Auto Motor Klassiek no doubt remember Max de Krijger's report on the restored Volvo 343 DL from 1976. He was from the time when the 343 suffered from the necessary quality issues and start-up problems. It's time for a 300 series Volvo again, but this one dates from the period when the teething troubles were long gone.

Toyota Corolla Coupé GT Twin Cam 16

A funny thing, such a Toyota Corolla Coupé GT Twin Cam 16, but if you tell that the value shoots towards the thirty mille people are nailed to the ground. After rather mediocre interest, this rear-wheel drive sleeper has been totally hyped for the past ten years. What does the AE86 derive from that sudden hero status?

Refurbish leather interior

Many of our beloved classics have a leather interior. And although that leather was newly chic and beautiful, it is often no longer visible due to age, use and poor maintenance.

BMW R100 Mono (1990-1996) - description

About one ton, about 120.000 km and the profile on the brake pedal. For BMW two-valve boxer drivers it is clear. We will come back to this.

Saab 96V4 vs Saab 96V4… rally preparation

It is mid-2019 when Ad van Beurden reports with his new addition. A beautiful, flawless car in a striking color scheme, partly known from the factory Saab 96 by Stig Blomqvist. The engine is running badly, the thing barely brakes - while there is still an almost brand new MOT - the roll cage is mounted incorrectly, as are the two bucket seats and the full harness safety belts. These are broadly the faults that seriously impede reliability and safety. The great work can begin.

75 Years later…

Has anything changed in this world? It is now more than three quarters of a century later and the world is still gripped by misery. Misery that also claimed many lives early on. To commemorate the liberation of the German occupiers, various ceremonies were to take place in our country. Unfortunately, none of that happened. Reason to bring the time of the past to your attention through photos-from-the-old-box. Thanks to the unyielding efforts of the Allies, our Eastern neighbors could be pushed back to their own territory.

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Just give me a faster horse… According to Henry Ford, that was what people "thought" they wanted. But he came up with something better. The T-Ford. Old Ford was convinced of the importance of imagination. Einstein - not the least either - found imagination to be far more important than knowledge and the true characteristic of intelligence. Even Winston Churchill was convinced that the universe would cease to exist without dreams.

Imagination, of course, exists on many levels. One sees an interior light in an MG that is off before you can insert the key. Then come up with a delay switch so that the light stays on for a few seconds longer. The other sees a matte black barrel or scrap Opel Rekord and recognizes a potential General Lee. Dreaming alone does not get you where you need to be, of course, but it is the beginning. The rest is often hard work.

I have always had a tremendous admiration for people with the imagination to think of things, to come up with ideas that have never been there before. From my early childhood I take pleasure in taking things apart to see how they work. Usually to end in a pile of parts that never do what they were ever made for again. With pride I look at such a stack of parts because I understand how it works. At the same time I realize that understanding how it works is one thing, but coming up with it is of a completely different level.

A true master of imagination is Allen Millyard. The constructor behind the bizarre creations like the Flying Millyard, a 5 liter V-twin based on two Pratt & Whitney R1340 aircraft engine cylinders. Or his conversion of the monstrously beautiful Kawasaki Z1300 six-cylinder in the height of monstrous beauty: a V12, which looks like it comes straight from the Japanese factory. That is only a small selection, because his imagination has no limits. He also built a 500 hp Dodge Viper V10 incredibly harmoniously into a motorcycle. His tools: a hand saw from 1972, a drawer full of files, a lathe and milling machine from 1954. But his most important tool: his imagination. His answer to the question of an astonished interviewer how he thought it all up like this: “Very simple. In my head I see myself driving. Then I get closer, and when I stop, I see how I made it all… ”. Wow!

Well, logical thinking takes you from A to B, but with imagination you clearly go everywhere. Still, with my limited imagination, I think when I look at that massive 500 hp Millyard Viper V10 that a faster horse might be more sensible…