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DAF 66 1300 Marathon Coupe and Volvo 66 GL

A beautiful day with Dutch Glory in duplicate – 66 Derivatives

In March Cor Tjepkema announced that he had bought a fully restored DAF 66 1300 Marathon Coupé. In April Cor picked up the car from Gorinchem, and a few days later we drove around the province. We came across a Volvo 66 GL Combi, and not much later we met owner Ane Westra. This is how the idea for a duo report with DAF 66 derivatives was born. And a few months later, on a beautiful summer day, that culminated in a story in which classic passion, feeling for DAF and a beautiful duo ride are central.

Ducati 350 desmo

Ducati 350 desmo

Ten years had passed since the production of Ducati's first 'narrow crankcase'; the 175 T based on the legendary Marianna. The fast and beautiful block with overhead camshaft was with different displacements up to 350 cc, used with great success on the street and on the track. However, it was now time to make vital changes to the 'King Asser' in order to remain competitive, as the motorcycle market was now flooded with light and cheap motorcycles.

Alfa Romeo GTV Spider 1995 2005

Purchase recommendation Alfa Romeo GTV & Spider (1995-2005) – Cuore sportivo in optima forma

Even when they were still in the showroom, everyone knew for sure: the Alfa Romeo GTV and Spider from the 1995-2005 period are becoming classics pur sang. If you look at the value development, it does indeed start to look like that. Owning such a sports car with the code name 916 in principle does not require great sacrifices from the owner, because these types date from the better period of the brand. Please note: if you have to get rid of overdue maintenance, you will have a cup of coffee.

Mercedes Benz 500 SEL limousine

Mercedes-Benz 500 SEL limousine – Über-Mercedes of 8,75 meters from Lithuania SEL XXL

In Germany they label every middle class with an ass a 'limousine', the rest of the world associates the term 'normal' with glitter & glamour. There can only be one boss: this 8,75 meter long Mercedes-Benz 500 SEL with a double rear axle and a trunk where the dark part of the party can have a secret basement party.

Renault R4 from HAN

HAN .'s Renault R4

The R4, they would always be there and stay. Eight million were made of them. Chief designer Pierre Dreyfus compared the R4 to jeans: it fits well, it is practical, it is almost impossible to break, but it is easy to repair. But in the meantime there is the 4TLRally. A journey of about 6000 kilometers for Renault 4s from Paris to Morocco and back. The HAN students started in Arnhem.

Restoration Fiat 850 Special

Restoration Fiat 850 Special – family celebration

Josien Spoelstra and father Tonny have breathed new life into the Fiat 850 together. It wasn't just any restoration. It has made the family ties of the Spoelstras very strong. As strong as a Fiat 850 that has been restored.

Suzuki GT 380

Suzuki GT 380 Civilized all-rounder

With the fast, beautiful and for a two-stroke quite civilized engine, the 371 cc measuring GT 380 from Suzuki was an excellent offer. The air-cooled three-cylinder engines were made from 1972 to 1978. In addition, the end of the two-stroke era became very clear because obsolete store daughters were still being offered until 1980. But when they disappeared from the showrooms, more than 85.000 copies had been sold.

Duplicate type designations Part IV

Double-used type designations, part 4

In the August edition you have read the third part about type designations, which were attached to their automobiles by various manufacturers. At first it was thought that it would be at most fifteen, sixteen, type designations used twice. While writing the article, the collection grew and grew to such an extent that it could no longer be summarized in one fascinating article. Hence a story-in-parts.

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In 1841 Scottish journalist Charles Mackay published the book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. Who would have thought it would become a classic when it came out? I don't, certainly not at the time, but it's still being read. Logical actually, because the folly of human herd behavior knows no bounds.

Within the frenzy of the crowd, tragic news recently reached us about VW part number 199 398 500 A. It has been discontinued. At least, Volkswagen has removed it from the menu in the company canteen. The world famous Volkswagen 'currywurst', which indeed even has its own part number and which VW dealers could order from the factory, is being banned. The currywurst is for Germans just like the frikadel or the croquette for us, so absolutely indispensable. Volkswagen introduced the currywurst in 1973 and it was a huge success from the start. The company now sold more currywurst than cars! Do our poor Eastern neighbors now have to 'views' all the way on 199 398 500 A? Not that, because it is still available in a shop across the company cafeteria. But in the company canteen, meat is completely passé after the 'work spheres'. The menu is exclusively vegetarian. The funny thing is that the 'originalton' mentions the wishes of the staff, while the reactions on German internet pages are mainly used by a great many incensed employees. Even former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder thought it was an unambiguous 'Nein'. The point is mainly the compulsion. It is clear that in a few decades our 'modern age' is going to be good for more than one new chapter in “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”, should there ever be a new edition.

Slowly but surely more and more is being removed from the menu. Not only the currywurst, but also the two-strokes. Fortunately, we still have the classics, because let's be honest, how cool is such a three-cylinder two-stroke Suzuki? Not only to see, but also to hear. And sometimes smell because we always put a little salad oil in the petrol, not because of a technical necessity, but it smelled so nice 'Castrol'. And it's plant-based, so good. Significant new two-strokes are no longer being made, so we should cherish the classic two-strokes.

Of course, there was also enough madness in the past. Take the Mercedes 500 SEL, a 'mad car' even in standard trim, but this limousine conversion – probably done in Lithuania – literally brings a whole new dimension to madness. Seems like an enormous challenge to drive into, or to be able to park in such a minuscule parking lot these days. Is it really a nice car? You can argue about that. But in terms of space and appearance of German solidity, it seems to be the ideal opportunity to secretly eat a currywurst in privacy, if it is no longer allowed at all!