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BMW 735i E32 7 Series

Superb BMW E32 7-Series Definitely Deserves More Recognition – Nightmare for Stuttgart

Classic BMWs have grown in interest in recent years, but the 7-Series of the E32 generation (1986-1994) seems to be slipping a bit in between. Very unjustly, we conclude after an acquaintance with the original Dutch delivered 735i of Richard Fortuin. Then the producer of the eternal rival from Stuttgart was quite awake, so that speaks volumes.

Brough Superior SS80

Brough Superior SS80 – The Rolls-Royce of engines

The best motorcycle will never exist. Every make and model has its charm and good qualities. But since Brough Superior claimed to build the "Rolls-Royce among engines", and the car manufacturer also confirmed this after an official visit, you can assume that Gert Holmersma's SS80 from 1937 is in any case very special.

Keinath KC5

Showy Keinath KC5 with obscene Swedish license plate – The charm of vulgar

Mom never allowed us to say 'cunt'. Ed van Vendel's Keinath KC5 asks for it, however, if you would hang the original Swedish number plates on it. Unfortunately, the Dutch enthusiast had to hand it in, but there is enough left that makes the decapitated Opel Monza slightly vulgar. Nowadays we find that most charming and we dare to be seen with it.

Peugeot 203A in the Mille Miglia

The Peugeot 203A in the Mille Miglia of 2021 – Classic Lines

It is a beautiful scene in the land of Maas and Waal. Joost Bindels helps a few passing participants of a local rally on the right track. Buby poses a little further with his Peugeot 203A in front of the Canon lens of photographer Bart Spijker. A few weeks earlier, driver Buby and navigator Joost drove the French classic from 1951, the Mille MIglia. The Peugeot and the brand new experiences of Squadra 183 are the ingredients for this story. “We are still processing all impressions of the Mille Miglia. It was unforgettable.”

Fiat Panda

Fiat Panda, the first generation: 1980-2003 – You laugh at everyone

We may still remember the Fiat Panda commercials. A chuckling giggling driver in a Fiat Panda: “In a Fiat Panda you laugh at everyone”. And then there was that motorcycle cop who also chuckled and giggled from behind a traffic sign to fine the too fast Panda pilot. Humour!

BFG 1300 1982 1988

FG 1300 (1982-1988) – Le moteur Shadock

In early 1978 the French Dominique Favario and Thierry Grange, both passionate motorcyclists and owners of a prepared Norton Commando and a BMW R90S, came to the sad realization that France was the largest motorcycle market in Europe without its own national motorcycle manufacturer. It got the gentlemen, who are active in professional life as professors of Management and Marketing at the college of Chambéry, thinking. To start with, they made a 'case' for their students.

Duplicate type designations part 5

Double-used type designations, part 5

In the September issue, you have read the fourth part about type designations that have been attached to their products by various car manufacturers. To avoid repetition, it was initially thought that it would be fifteen, perhaps sixteen to seventeen type designations used twice. The article soon grew to such an extent that it could no longer be summarized in one story. Hence you will be served it in parts.

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"I thought you was going to a party tonight" were the only words from Gerald Cooper that I understood from everything he said in eight episodes. Gerald Cooper is one of the standouts in Jeremy Clarksons Farm. And that series (only available on Amazon Prime) is one of the biggest surprises in today's viewing range. The well-known Jeremy 'Top Gear' Clarkson becomes a farmer on his own farm in that series. The nice thing is that he knows absolutely nothing about farming. I resisted watching the series for a long time, but once I started, I was sold. Even my wife – who is normally quite grumpy – often literally doubled over with laughter. Not only because of the British humor, but also because of the outspoken personalities. Besides Jeremy and Caleb, it was mostly Gerald. In the series, the very good man was once jokingly announced as a 'security expert', which of course explains his unintelligible speech (even for Englishmen): everything he says is of course encrypted for security reasons! I think Clarkson may have done more for the farmers with that series than all the farmers' protests and the BBC put together. What a huge battle, against the government, the weather, the regulations and the market conditions. And at the end of the year you will have made £144!

Well, of course we can't match Gerald, but in terms of striking classic transport you are well placed here. To stay in the English corner for a moment: how about the Brough Superior? Modest is different, but it is undeniably a legendary brand and a highly desirable machine. And, perhaps more importantly, simply beautiful to see and hear.

The French motorcycle industry was virtually non-existent in the post-war years. At least when it came to heavy machinery. A few enterprising Frenchmen picked up the gauntlet in the 1300s and created the BFG XNUMX to finally face those damned BMWs. The fact that the attempt was not very successful in terms of sales was disappointing, but you cannot deny that with modest means they managed to put down a striking design, which on some points could even really convince.

At the same time, the trees in Germany started to grow into the sky, especially with regard to the 'Autoveredelungsfirmen'. One of those fortune seekers was the company Keinath, which, among other things, made the KC5, a decapitated Opel Monza. This example, extra showy with its white paint and intense red leather upholstery, is certainly a sight to behold. So wrong it's right again. A guilty pleasure… And without a doubt a striking representative of the genre. You can read that and much more in this edition of AMK. Totally unencrypted! (although we can't rule out a single language error)