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Citroën Ami 8 Break

What I see here in my own village in fun, deployable classics, is a nice counterbalance to the electric nosing power mobiles that you see more and more often. And if you see a kind of local clearance in the form of a heavenly - or have it smurfs - blue Ami 8 in the same street where you live, then you just get confidence in the future again.


From 1950 to 1963, BSA produced the A10 model. After an A7 in 1973, Ad van Boheemen bought an A10SR in 1977. But he also sold it.

Chevrolet Corvette C4

When you see something strange about this Chevrolet Corvette, you have a special ability to notice and / or you belong to the select group of real connoisseurs. It is an absolute white raven in the C4 world, one of the 238 European specified 84-ers with Cross-Fire Injection. Does that boost value? No, the enthusiasts completely ignore him.

Rover 827 Si (1994)

Executive. It is a concept that is often associated with the German big three in the automotive context. However, the historic E-segment has more lots on it. Like the Rover 827Si. Auto Motor Klassiek made a report with a beautiful and just run-in copy from the R17 facelift series.

Fiat 130

The opinion is that you do not need to report to Fiat for high-quality, exclusive automobiles. One of the exceptions to the rule is called 130, a masterpiece from Turin and not only technological, but also qualitative. Anyone who steps beyond the bourgeois brand name spoils themselves with a ravishing and now valuable classic.

A hobby for Simca

The Stichter garage is located on an industrial estate in Nieuwveen. At first sight a normal Peugeot garage, but whoever enters, will find a number of rare classics among the modern Peugeots.

Restoration Austin-Healey 100 BN1 from 1954

The purchase of a book was the starting point of a search for and years of restoration of this pure British sports car from the XNUMXs!

Women behind the wheel

As many as 500 ladies took part in the 'Women behind the wheel' competition.

Hercules W2000

In history there have been many variations on the theme 'combustion engine'. The Wankel engine is one of them. Many manufacturers have made courageous and often costly efforts to effectively apply the Wankel principle to a motorcycle. Numerous European and Japanese manufacturers bought the license to be sure. Prototypes were actually built. The Hercules W2000 aka 'vacuum cleaner' became the world's first series-produced rotary motorcycle.

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Every month, our readers' section is full of reactions from readers, discoveries they made on (distant) journeys, or corrections to previously asked questions.

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Vintage cars for saleYoung timers for saleClassic engines for sale. You will find every month in Auto Motor Klassiek thousands again classics for sale.


“Friendship is an illusion… a package of scrap metal with a thin layer of chrome…” once sang the striking Henk Westbroek as the leader of the 'Goede Doel'. Now you can say whatever you want from Henk Westbroek, but we won't. Except that you don't have to be extremely observant to recognize something of a slight disappointment in Westbroek's prose. 

Friendship, in addition to being an illusion, is extremely important to many people. If you have no friends or if you are disappointed, there are always dogs, because according to the English a dog is 'man's best friend'. 

I recently even came across an article about why a car is your best friend. Now I love cars, but isn't that going that far? One of the reasons mentioned was that your car is always there for you. Now I don't know about you, but my cars have regularly dropped me like a brick in the past - often at crucial moments. 

Another reason would be that you have been through a lot together. That is usually correct, especially if you have a car longer. But if that is an argument then all divorced couples would be best friends ... because we had hope!

Citroën recognized in the XNUMXs people's apparent need to befriend their cars. Because they immediately called their latest creation Ami, friend. Subtle is different, but you cannot escape that. 

Ami's have always fascinated me. From the moment that 'master Bussink', teacher at 'my' primary school, drove one. In my view at the time, this was the most bizarrely designed car I had ever seen. Not necessarily ugly, but very special with its baroque design, striking roofline and chrome brackets. 

A neighbor from a few houses away drove a Mercedes 230 six-cylinder in its heyday. A car of a completely different caliber, but also clearly less striking. The neighbor made up for that with his striking driving style. He always drove at full throttle and in any gear up to maximum speed. Invariably. No exceptions. 

However nice it may be, such a driving style can, in rare cases, have some consequences under circumstances such as a residential area. For example, the time when the roar of the Mercedes six-cylinder suddenly stopped after a shocking blow. All the neighborhood children, including the undersigned, ran towards the sound of the blow. There was the Benz, bumper crooked, grille damaged, cooling water leaking. And a long way away was the Citroën Ami from Master Bussink ended up. Clearly less solid than the 'Deutsche Wertarbeit'. 

After that I only saw Master Bussink on a bicycle. Another friendship that ended as a package of scrap metal, with some chrome braces here and there ...