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16-year-old Iza Dijs already has a Ford Mustang ready. "I want to go to school with it soon"

Who said there that young people are not interested in classic cars? Iza Dijs proves the opposite. At the age of 16, she already owns a 1966 Ford Mustang, largely saved herself together. “I've already been able to sell it twice for more than double, but that's not going to happen. He seems perfectly suited to drive to school later on. ”

Yamaha TX 750. Enough!

It is 1972. Yamaha was famous for very fast two-strokes. A few startling prototypes had been built, such as the GL750 four-cylinder two-stroke and the RZ201 rotary engine, which, according to insiders, were never intended for production. With the 650 cc XS1, Yamaha had profiled itself in 1970 in the growing four-stroke world, but it fell behind its Japanese rivals with their three- and four-cylinder engines.

Ford Granada 2.0 V6 L. Classic niche.

In 1977 Ford presented the new generation of the Granada at the IAA in Frankfurt. The second generation was characterized by new business lines. Ford also presented a considerable number of implementation variants, and made three body versions and four and six-cylinder engines available. The range was wide and market dependent. In the Netherlands too, the buyer had a considerable number of combination options available. AMK, however, drove a Granada that was never on the program in the Netherlands.

Volvo's: 164, V90 Classic, V90 Mr. Volvo, I presume

Johan Homan (50) loves Volvo. According to him, they are beautifully striking, chic and never vulgar. A 142, then almost thirty years old, was his very first car for everyday use. And after that, the love for the brand only intensified. It is not for nothing that intimates also call him Mr. Called Volvo. How do you get such a title? This becomes apparent when you visit.

IZH Jupiter, the descendants of the two-strokes from Zschopau Russian blue

His father and grandfather already drove motorcycles from the IZHevsk factory in Ischmasch, the then largest motorcycle factory in the USSR. By the way, our interpretation of the written brand name is based on the Cyrillic alphabet. For the same money and with the same right, there is talk of Ish, Isch and a few more of those poetic liberties. By the way, the factory also made a lot of Kalashnikovs. Those motorcycles were made according to the purest DKW tradition because of the Wiedergutmachung.

The Martaré GT 'New' Dutch car brand!

The media was full of it: A new Dutch car brand! That was about the Martaré GT, the brainchild of Ed Martaré. And Ed Martaré was an artist, boat builder, all-rounder, entrepreneur and car enthusiast.

Wouter Smits knows the charms and whims of the Renault Espace: “Actually a kind of prototype”

Nobody ever thought it would happen, but space cars now fall under the heading of 'nostalgia', especially the MPVs of the first batch. Wouter Smits knows all about it, because his Renault Espace from 1986 evokes both sentiments and surprise. He now also knows the whims, but enough remains to cover them with the mantle of love.

Double-used type designations, part 1

In one of the previous issues we informed you that both General Motors and Chrysler used the type designation Suburban. General Motors for Chevrolet and Chrysler for Plymouth. The arch-rivals did not fight each other behind the green table. That was different when Porsche named the successor to the 356 Type 901. Peugeot immediately took action because they would have claimed the '0' as the middle number for their types. It was a fierce battle that was lost by the Noble beetle manufacturer.

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What is Wisdom? I often get that question, I don't know exactly why, but I may give the impression that I know the answer to that question. And maybe that's because people sometimes rate me very highly - completely wrongly, of course. Then I unexpectedly walk in somewhere, and the first thing I hear is “Oh, my God”. But that is a bit too much credit for me. That's why I always counter with "Wilbers is enough, you know!"

But coming back to the question of what wisdom is, it's a hard one to answer. One thing's for sure, if you can get your XNUMX-year-old daughter so excited about a Ford Mustang that she's willing to put all of her savings into it, then something really worked out well in the upbringing. And that while she is not allowed to drive it for another two years! Chapeau! I never succeeded. A certain wisdom - in both parents and daughter - is hard to deny!

Is it wisdom when you try to revive a Dutch 'car brand'? Short answer: no. Long answer: no. Although 'car brand' may be a big word for Ed Martaré's creations, it still takes courage (and money) to try to set up something like this again. Funny thing is that I knew the creations from the Autotest of 1975, my bible as an 11-year-old, but I never realized that so little had been made of them. Only a handful ... A brave entrepreneur has plans (and molds) to revive the creations. In any case, we are curious what will happen once the boat is sold…!

What is no wisdom, in any case, is to build a groundbreaking great motorcycle, with unprecedented gadgets, and then almost wipe out the reputation of the entire brand with a few clumsy construction flaws. But that's exactly what Yamaha did with the TX750. Churchill once said "a lie could have traveled halfway around the world before the truth has its pants on." The same goes for reputation, once on the road, there is little you can do about it. Whipped cream is a heavenly pleasure, but the opposite is true for oil. The TX750's unique balance shafts whipped the oil into a wonderfully light creamy mass. With disastrous consequences for the lubrication of the modern DOHC twin. Everything else about the bike was 'right', but the (effective) later modifications in the field could not save the reputation in the end.

I think wisdom is a bit overrated. It is often an excuse not to take a risk. But what's life without a little risk? Boring. Yet it does make sense from time to time. The famous philosopher Bill Murray once described it this way: "Wisdom is a bit like underwear, handy to have, unnecessary to keep showing it to everyone."