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Mercedes-Benz G-Class AMG

1991 Mercedes-Benz G-Class AMG on Special Order – Lightning Fast Sand Hare

At first glance you see nothing strange about this Mercedes-Benz G-Class, unless you happen to know as an expert that the grille with its painted surface deviates. Wait a minute… what are the 'AMG' lettering on the doors doing? There must be a story behind this and you probably didn't even notice that remarkable double roof.

BSA Goldstar Catalina Scrambler

BSA Goldstar Catalina Scrambler 1961 – A real one?

A visit in 2000 to the 'Working Museum' of the then living collector and dealer Derk de Vos in Hellendoorn (deceased December 20, 2003) brought the writer face to face with a very rare and original BSA Goldstar in Scrambler version. Would it be a real one?

Opel Olympia restoration

Restoration Opel Olympia from 1950. Barn find hides interesting history under its green paint layer

This Opel is a child of after the war, but was built according to a pre-war recipe. It is one of the first models to be put back into production in Rüsselsheim after World War II. During her working life, this car with dual controls served the Belgian army. After she had dropped out, the Olympia eventually ended up with Henk Luiten. He tells his story passionately.

Autobianchi Bianchina Panoramica F

Tiny Autobianchi Bianchina Panoramica F has pretensions – Tiny premium

The world is weird. Everyone is raving about the Fiat 500. Nobody cares about its more exclusive derivative from the Autobianchi stable, with a lower purchase threshold. High time to put the Bianchina in the spotlight, in this case a Panoramica F from 1969. You'll want to put it in your pocket to play with it at home.

Land Rover Series 3

Land Rover Series 3. Hard worker

The Land Rover is neat and clean. You could almost say it glitters in the morning sun, but it doesn't. Owner Ard Vergunst rolled it matte green. Now he is ready for the ride into the woods, with a path full of bumps and potholes.

Moto Guzzi V65

V35, V50, V65 – The 'little' Guzzis. Heavily underrated

Moto Guzzi had – just in time – success with the big V-twins. But for the home market and for tax reasons, small Guzzis also had to be produced.

MG ZT 190 +

MG ZT 190+, brilliant sports saloon. Sensuous performer

Founded almost a hundred years ago, MG was known for decades as a builder of beautiful saloons and beautiful sports cars. Many a model has become an illustrious classic. Production of all-European MG models ceased following the bankruptcy of MG Rover in 2005. Construction of closely related successors to the MG and Rover models continued under new ownership in China. That is why it is special that Auto Motor Klassiek drove a late MG ZT 190+. It dates from the last year of construction and in several respects belongs to the last of the Mohicans.

Duplicate type designations-2

Double-used type designations, part 2

In the previous edition you were able to read the first part about type designations that were attached to their automobiles by various manufacturers. At first it was thought that it would be at most fifteen or sixteen type designations used twice. While writing the article, the collection grew and grew to such an extent that it could no longer be summarized in one fascinating article.

Musée du patrimoine Agricole et Automobiles de Salviac

Musée du patrimoine Agricole et Automobiles de Salviac. Beautiful final resting place

Benoît Jouclar developed a fascination for the history of French motor equipment at a young age. He too could not have imagined that that childhood love would lead to a special museum. Today the Musée du patrimoine Agricole et Automobile de Salviac is a stopping place for those who want to return to the French countryside of the past. Countless classics, trucks, vans, agricultural vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds and other relics create a wonderful atmosphere that reveals much more history.

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“Simplicity is not easy” Charlie Chaplin is said to have once said. Of all the quotes that try to convey the beauty of simplicity, this has to be one of the simplest and therefore most striking.

People – which I also more or less count myself in – tend to make everything more difficult than it is. To add complexity that hardly improves the result. The story of the ballpoint pen in space makes this beautifully clear. When they wanted to send the Apollo to the moon, NASA realized that a pen without gravity does not work. That presented a problem because a lot had to be noted along the way. So millions were invested in developing a pen that would work even in the absence of gravity. The Russians – busy with their own prosperous space program – were of course not crazy. They also knew perfectly well that a pen in space doesn't work. However, they came up with another solution. The pencil!

The original Fiat 500 is perhaps the epitome of simplicity in the automotive field. The pencil, as it were. With its simple, yet reliable and efficient two-cylinder engine. And its characteristic total absence of a radiator, water pump, water hoses, coolant and thermostat. A feature that can be described much more simply as air-cooled. And of course its simple, but brilliant design that fascinates everyone and yet often endears. The concept was so successful that Fiat is still building on it today!

And what does Bianchi do? He makes the ballpoint that works in space while the pencil already exists. It's a good thing he didn't let Chaplin stop him, because the result, although less simple, is definitely there. The small Autobianchi Panoramica F is a Fiat 500 with pretensions. In a nice way. Simplicity with luxury. And more affordable too!

Simplicity is also of paramount importance with the Landrover Series 3 in this issue. The driving experience with such a Landrover is pure driving at its best. Owner Ard Vergunst embraces that simplicity. “You are really 100% driving.”

As beautiful as that space ballpoint story is, it really wasn't that simple. The Americans had already thought of the pencil. But wandering pencil tips and (conductive) graphite powder are far from ideal in a spaceship packed with electronics. The pen that was eventually used in space was a private development by an American. Who sold 400 to NASA and… to the Russians. For only six dollars each. That's why Einstein said that you should make everything as simple as possible, but certainly not simpler!

But coming back to the question of what wisdom is, it's a hard one to answer. One thing's for sure, if you can get your XNUMX-year-old daughter so excited about a Ford Mustang that she's willing to put all of her savings into it, then something really worked out well in the upbringing. And that while she is not allowed to drive it for another two years! Chapeau! I never succeeded. A certain wisdom - in both parents and daughter - is hard to deny!

Is it wisdom when you try to revive a Dutch 'car brand'? Short answer: no. Long answer: no. Although 'car brand' may be a big word for Ed Martaré's creations, it still takes courage (and money) to try to set up something like this again. Funny thing is that I knew the creations from the Autotest of 1975, my bible as an 11-year-old, but I never realized that so little had been made of them. Only a handful ... A brave entrepreneur has plans (and molds) to revive the creations. In any case, we are curious what will happen once the boat is sold…!

What is no wisdom, in any case, is to build a groundbreaking great motorcycle, with unprecedented gadgets, and then almost wipe out the reputation of the entire brand with a few clumsy construction flaws. But that's exactly what Yamaha did with the TX750. Churchill once said "a lie could have traveled halfway around the world before the truth has its pants on." The same goes for reputation, once on the road, there is little you can do about it. Whipped cream is a heavenly pleasure, but the opposite is true for oil. The TX750's unique balance shafts whipped the oil into a wonderfully light creamy mass. With disastrous consequences for the lubrication of the modern DOHC twin. Everything else about the bike was 'right', but the (effective) later modifications in the field could not save the reputation in the end.

I think wisdom is a bit overrated. It is often an excuse not to take a risk. But what's life without a little risk? Boring. Yet it does make sense from time to time. The famous philosopher Bill Murray once described it this way: "Wisdom is a bit like underwear, handy to have, unnecessary to keep showing it to everyone."