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A second life for a Peugeot 205 GE

The Peugeot 205 is often seen as the rescue angel of the brand. Immediately after its introduction in 1983, the small Frenchman caught on with a large audience. And so, that the 205 is the French PSA Peugeot Citroënconcern got back on its feet. The 205 became a symbol of great memories for many. That is still the case. Christiaan Okkema from Goutum belongs to that large group. He bought a 2020 GE from the first full production series in 205 and gave the Peugeot back its shine.


Honda CBX 1000. A dream come true

It took a while to get there, but then he eventually became the second and fourth owner of the bike of his dreams. The first time Christian's greed was triggered was when in 1983 he saw a six-cylinder Honda at the local motorcycle dealer, who actually specialized in Yamahas. Despite the Yamaha specialism, the CBX stood close to the showroom window.

MG-Sebring replica

MG Sebring replica. Wrong or bad?

In the beginning there was of course the MG MGA, which was relieved by the MGB in 1962. The newcomer was drawn by MG's house designer Sydney Enever and he had done his best. At MG they were really waiting for a successor to the MGA that would sell just as successfully or even better commercially. In the meantime, the MGB has not only lived up to expectations, but far exceeded them: More than 500.000 of them have been sold, more than a little because of the selling price. Three of the four MGBs were open roadsters. The remaining quarter was cut. Production ended in 1980.


Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit gives you that feeling of grandeur

Nothing to the detriment of the excellent limousines that renowned brands have produced for many decades, but a Rolls-Royce is really of a different level. Settle into the opulent salon of this 1985 Silver Spirit and immediately that sense of sublime creeps over, without having to justify yourself in this Calvinist country. You can get away with such an old copy.

Brexit… and now?

Brexit… and now? Delays, ambiguities, compensations, extra costs

No one on the European mainland was waiting for Brexit, but the British wanted it if necessary. In the classic world, with a high proportion of English cars and associated parts, we are certainly not wiser. Does it really have such drastic consequences? That turns out to be better than expected, but some fieldwork teaches us that teething problems do occur.


Chevrolet C10 1965. A restoration report.

After five years of work and resting on paving stones, it has finally been approved by the RDW. The 10 Chevrolet C1965 is now a picture. Richard Pleizier was looking for a Suburban, but found it on E-Bay.


Ducati Mach I. No Boasting

The 'quarter-liter' measuring Ducati Mach 1 is one of the first truly sporty single-cylinders that the company from the Italian town of Bologna has ever put on public roads. The story of the small five-speed king-shaft powered single actually began with the design of the Gran Sport nicknamed 'Marianna' in 1954.


From the old days. RAI exhibition decades ago

For years, the Car, Truck or Motorcycle Fair in the Amsterdam RAI was the event to gain knowledge. Also for the youngsters among us. If you missed all that, we found some interesting photos in the Oude Doos… Unfortunately, the stamps on the back have turned into a blue stain. They are probably recordings used for newspapers?

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Good Old England. Despite all its frivolous modernity, the country is still full of tradition. Of course, some traditions die, because time does not stand still after all. But some also come back. 

Take the tradition of 'Splendid Isolation', the political course from the early nineteenth century in which England deliberately kept itself aloof from all grumbling in mainland Europe as much as possible. Away for years and then suddenly, after having supported the EU for years, that philosophy returns (partly) with the 'Brexit'. And even then the British do not easily see themselves as 'isolated'. If it is not possible to fly from Heathrow due to weather conditions, they see that there is a more curious way as 'The continent is isolated'. British humor.

Another tradition - which, despite modern times - could not be crushed, is the 'Cheese Rolling' in Coopers Hill. There, a 'Double Gloucester' cheese wheel is rolled down a hill every year, with a whole crowd running after that cheese. Whoever wins gets to keep the cheese. Some people just love cheese. Roughly a decade ago, the tradition fell due to the modern claims culture and the resulting liability perils. About twenty people were injured every year. But not for long, because now there is simply no organization anymore and it is a 'spontaneous' event. Well, tradition ...

A classic Rolls-Royce represents the British sense of tradition at its best. Although BMW has succeeded in interweaving that British tradition with German perfection and Gründlichkeit, the 'modern' Silver Spirit was one of the last 'real'… Rolls-Royce always had its own definition of the perfect car. This was expressed not so much in the rather German perfect production quality, but especially in an extremely smooth and quiet engine, a silky smooth automatic transmission, suspension comfort of the flying carpet level and a perfect craftsmanship finish. 

Furthermore, tradition is especially rampant in the interior. Thick leather Connolly upholstery on extremely comfortable club chairs, thick carpet of the highest quality and polished burr walnut wood to perfection. The ignition key also stayed where it belongs: in the dashboard, and not vulgar on the steering wheel. 

But even with the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit some frivolous modernities came on board. The traditional SUs were weeks before Bosch petrol injection and ABS was introduced. Well, progress cannot be stopped. Even the traditional and legendary saying that the mechanical clock was the loudest sound you could hear in a Rolls-Royce was now a thing of the past. That clock gave way to somewhat disgusting digital time display. Noiseless. From that moment on, the loudest sound you hear in an RR was the grinding of teeth of jealous neighbors ...