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You can now also subscribe online of course. Fill in the form below to subscribe, then we will do the rest! A subscription to Auto Motor Klassiek pays for itself. You save on 40% purchase costs, because you only pay € 3,30 instead of € 4,99.


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  1. My question is when as a subscription I will receive the issues about which I already read free articles in advance. It is a pity that as a subscriber you do not know on which day of the month you do not know when the magazine will arrive. Every day I suddenly check if it falls. It's already the 14 th. Greetings HM Horsten

    • Most of the articles you read here cannot be found in the magazine itself. Although there is some overlap of course. The magazine itself normally comes out on the penultimate Friday of the month. For example, number 11 Friday the 23rd of October. In Belgium this normally takes a few days longer.

  2. Hi, I would like to have a subscription. I would therefore like to have the October copy with the Fiat 126.
    What do you need from me?


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