Uw classics, youngtimers en vintage cars offer for sale in Auto Motor Klassiek. The first ad (this month) is free when you subscribes are. In addition, the advertisement may consist of a maximum of 104 characters and one photo). Auto Motor Klassiek has a circulation of 40.000 copies, so no doubt there is someone in your oldtimer, classic of youngtimer is interested.


  1. EHP mod 1925 with Cime engine 1202cc and 18hp, good condition and original, ex collection of Serge Pozzoli, file with historic photos, only 2 cars built. mechanic restored, has still the old french numberplates,

    A EHP with Cime engine made 5.place at 24hours of LeMans in 1927. Historic photos available

  2. Hallo,

    I want to submit a classic but the website does not work when I click on the button specify I end up here.

    gr J the Emperor

  3. Hi, now I just posted an ad and I have to pay 14,85. I am only a subscriber. Then I don't have to pay anything ???
    gr freerk the bear.

    • Hi Freerk,
      Yes that's right. But only the first four lines + photo are free (just over 100 characters). The rest is calculated. And of course do not forget to tick that you are a subscriber.

  4. Hello, I passed an ad. I don't know how to add the photo. I wonder if I should email it to you. I'm not sure, but I just email him to be sure. This is a 2001 Mercedes sports coupe.

    MVG Janssen

  5. I have already emailed a photo of the Porsche Carrera. Please for the next August edition.
    Mvg H. Lichtendahl

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