Mack JR. From project to perfect for Jan Land

Mack JR

What stimulated Jan Land from the Groningen city of Leek to spend almost ten years of time, money and energy in a very 'tired' Mack JR from America? We are still looking for an explanation for why he started this unique project with such passion.

By: Dirk de Jong

It all started in 1994 when the truck was imported by a parts specialist. With the aim of completely restoring it. They started to overhaul the engine and sandblast the chassis. The entire truck was first dismantled. The wooden cabin was in a very bad condition. And as it often goes: time was missing and the parts were stored in a container.

Saved from demolition

Just before it was decided to entrust the car to the scrap yard, Jan Land came into the picture. He immediately started to delve into history and soon discovered that it was a very special Mack truck. Of course he had some reservations, because he had never restored a car or truck.

A special truck

At the end of 2010, Jan bought the remains and brought them to his brother in Germany, where they had the space to sort everything and to consult the factory catalog. Thanks to the archives in the Mack museum, Jan discovered the history of the car and was able to access a series of photos. The first owner was the Parish Oil Company in New York (1937), after which he was resold in 1942. Later he found a logo 'Fire 3 Dept'. So the Mack had also functioned as a fire engine.


It takes about ten pages to describe the entire restoration process. Because then everything has to be described very carefully. The Australian trade magazine 'Vintage Trucks' did publish the whole story of this unique company. The photos prove the perfect work of a truck of which there are still four in the world. Three at collectors in the USA and only one in all of Europe, in the Netherlands in Groningen, Leek.

What explains Jan Land's passion? Every person - whether conscious or not - is looking for some kind of perfect happiness. This feeling is sought in things that we do not (yet) have. Jan Land took an important step by taking up this challenge. And find happiness in the many years of restoration work and ultimately now the great satisfaction of the property.

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