Citroën DS 20. Sleeping goddess

Citroën DS

Citroën DS

This beautiful one Citroën DS 20 still sleeps under a blanket. The time is not yet ripe to hit the road again. Tjitte de Vries cherishes his property. It not only has a warm place in his barn but also in his heart.

By: Dirk de Jong

In addition, Tjitte is a real one Citroën freak. He owns several storage facilities. Such as a few CXs in various versions. And the successor XM is also waiting for times to come.

The story of this Citroën DS 20 is known, it was purchased - in the last years of production - by a Parisian notary who owned it for more than 10 years. In addition, the car was cherished like a baby. After his death, the French goddess went to a cousin who had little to do with an older car. He only had to pay for transport from A to B, and then make way for another 'voiture'. In the year 2000 he undertook the journey from the big city of Paris to the Frisian countryside, where he enriched Tjitte's classic life.

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With the same dedication as the first owner, the Citroën DS 20 now pampered and will leave its mark on the road when the first spring sun is seen more often. Thanks to Tjitte's enthusiasm about being over Citroën hobby we can enjoy the fact that it gets better and better on the road.

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  1. Is the license plate holder running? Citroën DS 20 [13-FG-VX] the risk of a fine if, as soon as the first spring sun is seen more often, he leaves his mark on the road with blue license plates?

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