Leading role for Alpine at Concours' t Loo in Apeldoorn

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Alpine has a big impact during the 13e edition of the Concours d'Elégance Palace Het Loo, which will be held this year 1 and 2 July. After the unveiling of the new A110 at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2017, the model can now be seen in the Netherlands for the first time during the Competition. Place of action: the Alpine pavilion. In addition, a number of historical models are shown from the rich history of the brand that was founded in 1955.

In addition to the new A110, the pavilion also shows a dozen classic models, including the original A110 'Berlinette', the A106 and A108 coupé sport. Dutchman Michael van der Sande, Managing Director of Alpine, will also be present at the Concours on Saturday 1 July. The Alpine pavilion can be found on the main site next to the Renault display, which will also pay tribute to its sporting history.

Short history

Alpine not only built small and lively sports cars with peppery Renault technology. It also built the illustrious and compared to the larger A110 models. And that too was a series that had a long-standing history. The first A310 saw the light of day in 310. The series was built until mid 1971. Up to and including 1984 the super athletes from Dieppe were available with a four-cylinder engine. From that year they were fitted with the PRV V1976 engines. The A6 models were the source of inspiration for the Alpine GTA models, which were built up to 310. After this, Alpine more or less disappeared from the map, until the Alpine Vision was unveiled at the Geneva Salon of 1991. That became the harbinger of the A2016, which will soon have its Dutch premiere.

National premiere of the new A110

The new Alpine A110 has all the characteristic features of the illustrious A110 'Berlinette' from the 1960s. It combines a recognizable design with a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive and an exceptionally low weight of just 1.080 kg.

Stiff, lightweight structure

The A110 has an aluminum chassis and bodywork that are riveted and welded for a very rigid, lightweight structure. Together with the 252 pk (185 kW) strong 1,8-liter turbo engine, seven-speed DCT transmission, optimum weight distribution and race-inspired aerodynamics, the A110 guarantees impressive performance. The A110 accelerates in just 4,5 seconds from 0-100 km / h. Renault and Dieppe expect a lot from this more than modern variation on a historical theme

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