Kreidler Florett special (1966). Superb style for Jelle. 

Kreidler Florett special (1966)

Every elderly person who feels younger knows this legendary moped. The top model of the Kreidler Fahrzeugbau from Stuttgart. It was solid, in a solid design with a long lifespan. Although… if you look closer it is not the moped that came as standard. It is in fact a version of a light motorcycle that originally came from Switzerland and was exhibited in a collection for years. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

Do you know the Swiss barrel that the Saint Bernard dog wore on his rescue trips in the mountains? You can also see that characteristic barrel on the back of the Kreidler in a different version, the content must have been a tool. And the St. Bernard's barrel must have contained no firewater (drink) to help the unfortunate traveler get back on their feet. 


In this version it is no tribute to the original Kreidler, because it is cherished by many fans, also in our country. The original version was a swift decorator, in the youth culture of that time it was a babe-magnet. You can keep looking at it and maybe even get a little quiet about it. The specimens that have been preserved are rightly pampered and cherished. 

Face to face with this one-of-a-kind

This Kreidler has been restored as new and painted in a color that makes it distinctive. Jelle van Keimpema: “For me it is a special model with personal adjustments by the restorer, which makes the Kreidler engine unique. I come from a time when I remember that we had municipal police that were equipped with Kreidlers as surveillance two-wheelers and could reach no less than 80 km per hour. For me this bike has an impressive appearance. It is now almost a symbol of prosperity. ” 

This special Kreidler Florett certainly still gives the nostalgic sense of beauty. A magical bike, driving is bound to be a pleasure for all senses. 

Are there any 'Floretters' who can tell them more about this performance? 

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  1. In the 60s I drove a kreidler egg tank and a super 4 egg tank from 1961, I still have a great moped, runs neatly for 65 km.

  2. Lots of fisherman's Latin above. The DKW of the police, also called ULM, reached a maximum of 70 km. There were mostly Sachs (moped) blocks underneath. It does have a fast cylinder and larger carburettor. Unfortunately 3 manual gears. I've had 3.
    Too bad the yellow Kreidler is so ruined. Beautiful design and good mopeds.
    Many tuned mopeds ran pretty fast in mind and downwind. But in a headwind… almost Solex.
    Decent experience in accelerating, but real kilometers differed a lot with the speed on the speedometers.

  3. At the age of 16 I started with a Yamaha FS1, only had problems with this moped, exchanged it for a ZGAN kreidler foil from 1968.
    Completely standard it ran at one point over 60, super moped always worked.
    If it was slippery once the trapper went down again right winger and further on, get over that now with those tupperware shooters

  4. nice message,
    spent my youth in Germany with a Kreidler with a large, square number plate, which is std. 4km / h and therefore was allowed to drive on the Autobahn, this version was used in Germany as a Leichtmotorrad and could also be ridden without a Fuehrerschein from the age of 80, just like Traktoren, the 16er BMW Isetta and 250er Goggomobil! My first ride in 250 was of course from the Taunus to family in NL and to Katwijk az

  5. super moped driven a lot, he quickly ran 95 km p / h good times were.
    my son has also ridden it a lot of fun too

  6. I myself have had several 4 and 5 gears
    the first went up to 85 the other 90 klmtr.
    I also bold races that went water 160 later
    cooled 18 to 20.000 rpm 180 klmtr
    peat kreidlers super good

  7. I don't know the kreidler as a police engine, the DKW they went just as fast, also 80.
    The sport was him, driving, tapping his shoulder and then driving away from him.
    The Yamaha, kreidlers and zundapps were much faster.

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