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Williams Clio, Renault
A wolf in stylish sheep's clothing
Williams Clio, Renault
A wolf in stylish sheep's clothing

The car in the photo has not become very famous. Yet? because do you recognize a Clio Williams in it? A very brave anabolic GTI? The ideal car for civilized pet men?

In the 1992 season, the alliance with Williams led Renault to the first world championship.

That is why an extra sporty version was launched in 1993 based on the Clio 16V, the Williams. The Williams had striking gold-colored alloy wheels and various Williams badges. The car was only available in the color Bleu Sport metallic. However, instead of an 1.8 liter, an 2 liter was found under the hood. The bore and stroke of the 1,8 liter were increased. The maximum power was 150 hp at 6100 tr / min, while the torque reached a maximum of 175 nm at 4500 tr / min.

The first series was planned on 2.500 units. That became 3.800. The second series was 1.600 copies.

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