Incomprehensible: Audi A8 3.7

Great travel limousine: Audi's A8 D2
Great travel limousine: Audi's A8 D2
Normally they go like sweet buns: the first generation Audi A8. However, this copy remains a little longer. That's strange, because it won't be the price.

This powerful V8 has barely one and a half tons of experience. In terms of year of construction not yet a youngtimer, but the first series is already that and this 3.7 is a late bloomer. The address where the car is sold is known in enthusiast circles for its sublime BMWs. And now, an A8 for a razor-sharp price that just won't go away. Who makes the move? We believe this is a very strong offer. For more information, please take a look at the Autohan website in Zwanenburg: You do not only benefit the trader, but especially yourself.

Chris de Raaf.

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  1. How are you?? Such a car costs a lot of money in maintenance ...
    In principle, the purchase is never the problem… the money you need to drive every month

    • Well, that is of course inherent to cars in this segment. A comparable BMW or Mercedes will not be inferior in terms of running costs. An A8 cannot be compared with cars like a 190 diesel or a nice Mazda or Toyota. Luxury and comfort have their price. (Chr.dR.)

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