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Your classic is now tested at only five RDW inspections (photo: RDW)
Again points for the FEHAC. The import of classics is being streamlined better. The fact is that - as is apparent from the wish list of the umbrella federation of classic enthusiasts - that not every RDW inspection point can handle classics and old-timers 30 years and older just as well.

People are often trained for the inspection of modern transport and these differ fundamentally from the classic car or motorcycle on a technical level. This sometimes causes problems and uncertainties. And so the FEHAC sat down with the RDW to see what can be done about it. Although it should in principle be the case that everyone with any vehicle can go to the RDW, a selection has now been made of five designated RDW inspection stations. The RDW employees at these stations have specific knowledge of classics. RDW and FEHAC work together to keep this knowledge up to date and, where necessary, to deepen it.

From 1 February, the inspection of vehicles of thirty years and older will therefore only be carried out at one of those five inspection stations. These are the inspection stations in Amsterdam, Zwijndrecht, Arnhem, Veldhoven and Zwolle. If you make an appointment with your classic car via the website, you will also automatically end up there.

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Your classic is now tested at only five RDW inspections (photo: RDW)

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