Ice scrapers tested

If your 2 radio turns on when you wake up at half past six in the morning, you can currently hear the scratching time of the car windows. At that moment I am not looking forward to this activity, but once I get outside I grab a whole range of ice scrapers to get rid of my wife's car's windows.

Over the years it has turned out that there are fine and bad ice scrapers. It also has to do with the type of ice that is on the windows. And it has to do with where the car is parked. We live in The Hague and the ice on the street between two flats is always less frozen than on the corner where the wind has free rein. There is also a dead end piece of street. Hardly anyone wants to be there in winter. The snow is not cleared up there and when it icy, the road surface turns into an ice rink. I always call that road the polar bear lane. My Rover P6 was once forced to stand there for two weeks because it couldn't get away. In the photo you can see a number of ice scrapers. The most expensive is the large black one with two crab heads. It is on the left. He's doing reasonably well. Next to it is another scraper with a black handle and a transparent scratching head. It works poorly but is good for drawing lines in hard frozen ice. The yellow triangle next to it is bad in drawing lines but is again reasonable in scratching away ice that is not too solid. The triangle above it is old. The telephone number of Volkswagen dealer Jansen still consists of 9 digits. Company Jansen no longer exists, the scraper still does. That scraper is good. But I take care of it because it is so old. Above it you see a scraper with a handle and a hard red part. There are also ridges on it. Mine is doing reasonably well but my wife's not. Finally you will see a CD box. You can use it in an emergency. In the past I used the box of a cassette tape for lack of an ice scraper. But who still has cassettes in their car?

Text and photo: Jacques van den Bergh

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  1. The cutting board is not there yet ... In Austria to remove the snow layer perfectly and the bottom ice layer is quickly removed thanks to large surface. Grip is everywhere. My ice crab cutting / bread board was made of plastic in white, but a wooden board will probably also work fine.

    In other words, take this multifunctional ice scraper from your kitchen 😉

  2. Since my first classic (then just for sale) I use a holder with a thin strip of soft (laton?) Copper in it. Can also be turned if damaged. That never happened because the thing has been around for more than 30 winters. Am very careful with it because never seen anywhere for sale. Who would?

  3. Tip! Go to a business selling Plexiglas, buy 1m2 of this thickness 4 a`5 mm let it cut into rectangles of 20cm x25 cm you now have top quality 20 ice scrapers. Then go over one side of the scraper with a waterproof sandpaper and sand two corners lightly. stick a nice sticker on it and you have a nice and not commercially available 5 star ice scraper!
    On average, this calibration scraper lasts 10 for years, so the rest can be given as a gift on a birthday
    every time you scratch the windows you will be thankful.

    success with it

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