Honda C72-77. Still not hot!

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The engine with which Honda went 'heavy': the Honda C77. That was a Honda C300 drilled to 72 cc. Those machines were revolutionary in the first half of the 72s. But no matter how fantastic the technique was: the styling was completely 'fifties' and the road handling left a lot to be desired outside of quiet use. Ivanhoe's Steel Rocking Horse sold best. But at the beginning of the seventies, so much good news came that the C77 and CXNUMXs soon faced a sad fate.

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In the orchard

Later, much later, I was once in the orchard behind motor scrap yard Muts in Soest. All the unsaleable stuff was stored in that orchard. There were, stood, about 15 Honda C72's and Honda C77's in various states of redemption. Shrubs and trees grew through it. When trying to pull out such a deceased person, I pulled the frame in half. Of course I was even stronger then than now. Yet…

All nostalgia

What is worth nothing is also not saved. But I have nostalgic memories of these Hondas. And a while ago I was awarded a project again. An incomplete project. I am not in a hurry with the rebirth and left an ear to the left and right to hear if someone had some things lying around somewhere. But when I asked, I got the orange-red Honda pretty complete. But things kept missing. And I kept quietly asking and searching. I am looking for a carburettor and the cap around it plus a half chain guard for example.

You can always ask

Recently I ended up at BOR motorparts in the world famous De Lutte. I was looking for parts for our son's CBF125. Incidentally, the only reason to drive a Honda CBF125 is that things cost almost nothing and consume almost nothing. That is ideal for a student. But if the old Soichiro Honda saw the quality of these Hondas made in Faraway Gistan or Bokkiebokkieland, he would be spinning like a fan in his grave.

But the answers can be surprising

As in all, things were pleasantly arranged in De Lutte. "Is there anything else you are looking for?" Without any expectations I asked "What do you have for a Honda C72 or Honda C77?". The stocks of motorcycle breakers? They usually go back to 1980 or so. Not until 1965. There is simply no trade for them in that corner. A modern engine dismantling company must rely on its turnover rates. In de Lutte, however, it was once again proven that you should never not ask something because you think the question is meaningless after all. I learned this during my service from a platoon companion; During the walk on Wednesday evening, she asked every girl the question: “Do you want to make love to me?” Actually he said something else. When asked what was behind that strategy, his answer was: "Only one has to say 'Yes'."

An abandoned project

Derk-Jan from BOR - which of course stands for 'Ben Olde Rikkert', the name of the owner - did not dazzle or spoil. "Just come along". The Dream project he had was much more than I needed. And as a freelancer, I have a somewhat cautious purchasing policy in these weird times. But De Lutte has a very nice project. And the proof that you just have to ask everything everywhere to get the most surprising answers.

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Dolf Peeters, automotive journalist, copywriter, translator, member of the Heeren van Arnhem


  1. O. Helps

    19 June, 2020 at 23: 13

    "Verweggistan or Bokkiebokkieland", what a curse again.

    • Dolf Peeters

      21 June, 2020 at 11: 02

      No, it is not. You just don't know classical literature. Consult old Donald Ducks and Ollie B. Bommels in the strip canon. Read and grumble for free. On the most personal title I only call that burly. Waste of your time dude!

  2. Kees

    19 June, 2020 at 22: 43

    A blue one was mine. A C72, 250cc, almost new and with very few kilometers, bought from Safe engines in Rotterdam. Was just 18 years old and quickly got my driver's license. Motorcycles attracted me more than mopeds and it has always remained that way. I enjoyed it for years. Now, 55 years later, I still ride my motorcycle. Almost always Hondas. Now a Yamaha. Also a very nice bike,

  3. Meijer

    19 June, 2020 at 19: 13

    Read your nice piece about the Honda C 77, these types had the clutch on the crankshaft,
    As a result, sometimes gave problems, everyone would recommend to balance the crankshaft, clutch
    & magnet included, you can improve the riding slightly by filling up the front fork springs, so you lose the duck feeling success

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