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Although the first Herbie film came to the cinema in 1969, the special film Beetle still has young fans. Like ten-year-old Anouk Zwagerman, for example. Her dream came true yesterday when she was shown one of the original movie cars.

We recently registered Auto Motor Klassiek about Herbie, because one of the original movie cars is in Dutch hands. Porsche dealer Mark Wegh is not only a big Porsche enthusiast, Volkswagen and Audi are also interested. In his own collection he has the first Golf GTI delivered in the Netherlands, but also an Audi quattro of which Freddy Heineken was the first owner. Plus an original movie car from Herbie, so. "I have a number of Volkswagens," he told the story in AMK, "and this car did fit in my collection."

Special is that it is one invisible driver is - a car that can drive without a visible driver. This was done by mounting an extra handlebar and an extra set of pedals, which are operated from the place where the rear seat once was. That was quite a job, so this car was probably used for more than one film. Mark Wegh: "The car can certainly be seen in Herbie goes Monte Carlo. Probably also in Herbie Rides Again, but that is not entirely certain. "

Herbie in Heteren

In the story Auto Motor Klassiek was stated in a box that the car would also be shown on it Concours d'Elégance Palace Het Loo. Due to circumstances, however, that was not the case. This resulted in a disappointed e-mail from ten-year-old Anouk Zwagerman, who had come to the competition to see Herbie. "Fortunately there were many other beautiful cars. And we looked at the palace, that was nice too. I don't go to a palace that often! But I also thought it was a shame that Herbie was not there, because I have all the films at home. If I have a driver's license, I also want a Beetle, preferably a convertible. But I already have a beetle now, the chalk beetle. Together with my father I painted it with blackboard paint. On King's Day I was on the free market with it, everyone was allowed to sign for 50 cents. '

We always like to see young car enthusiasts, so we made an appointment to watch Herbie in Heteren, at Mark Wegh. "Actually, that was even nicer, because now I could even sit in it," says Anouk. To top it off, she received a scale model from Herbie from Mark Wegh. "My vacation is already successful!"
Did anyone think that future generations would no longer be interested in cars?

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