"Heinz 57" Wolseley Hornet Convertible

Wolseley Hornet

It is now half a century since the British company Heinz Foods from Wembley started to beautify the British street scene with the 'Heinz 57' Wolseley Hornet Convertible. 57 has ever been converted - how could it be otherwise - by coachbuilder Crayford.

The (among others) ketchup and soup manufacturer then wanted 'the customer' to have a chance to win such a car, a question added to the purchased product. completed and returned the competition form. An interesting story that we will come back to extensively in the very near future. The 'Heinz 57' Wolseleys were once only supplied in gray (Birch Gray) and white (Toga White) and all with a red (Carnival Red) leather interior. A successful 'competition' because no fewer than one million entry forms were received back. And almost all of them were sent in by housewives ... The first was delivered in May 1966. Of the 57 carbriots there are still 42 left. Only a handful of these as restoration objects. For a beautiful present, a small capital must be deposited today ... 

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