Heinkel 1957 and Fulda Mobil 1954. Balloons made of metal

In the classic world, father and his son Schaap are known in Wolvega and far away because they live according to their passion. And that passion is inspiring when you see these people talk about their car discoveries with love and passion. 

By: Dirk de Jong

They are looking for classic cars to taste the sweet taste of the past. But also to do business nationally and internationally - thanks to the internet. And on those quests they meet many fascinating people and also have the necessary by-catch with their purchases.   

They found a very special pair when treasure-digging. In the 50s, tricycles were often involved with some of which were very successful in the time of growing prosperity. There was a great need for simple and cheap carts and many engineers succeeded in putting the carts on the market. We all know the Messerschmitt, Heinkel and also the BMW Isetta, but the smaller manufacturers had more trouble producing large numbers.   

The Fulda Mobil came on the market in 1954 and the minicar that Alroy (Father Albert / son Roy) shows is one of the first models with an aluminum body. De Heinkel, which has been parked for as long as it is, is even completely complete and was put away on a rolling road, with all data known. For those who still want to practice 'small' driving, these two 'balloons of steel' are a big challenge. As enthusiasts, we are happy that Alroy Classics wanted to tell us the story and made the photos available. The fear is that they will disappear from the Netherlands again, the internet is international and the interest in these special finds will certainly be great again. 

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