Hear who's calling kids there? Perhaps the Tax?

black money
Dear Classic Lover

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We do not want to direct civil disobedience, but a warned person counts for two:

Of course we already knew that De Overheid is also watching what you can offer for sale on MP and Speurders. Because if you advertise there more often than sometimes, that could have consequences for your taxable income or benefit if you do not report the income from these campaigns to The Hague.

Now a new phenomenon has emerged. Pro traders are emailed proactively. Prices are then asked. A discount is then requested, stating that the purchase of several items is possible and that the case is purchased in cash and without a receipt.

If the trader does not respond to all that insistence about 'cash, not a receipt', then the interest on the demanding side falls away.

In the meantime, we know that a complete check of his administration is already underway with a trader.

But that can of course be a coincidence ...
And that playing a war in Mali and the reception of asylum seekers costs a lot of money ...
And that the Tax is possibly developing a new revenue model in the run-up to the new, simplified two-point tax form: Do you have money? If yes: Give it to us ".

But we just wanted to have it reported

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  1. Dear Gerald, As a writer of the relevant text, I want to state that I am certainly not a Telegraaf, Wilders or management fan.

    Just as little as that I am a proponent of current government policy - if present - in a personal capacity.

    History has taught us many times that the government is not necessarily there for us subjects, but that internal interests can be more important than 'our' interests. Studies have been done on this and documented books have been written about this. People have graduated from it. That is allowed in a country like the Netherlands.

    In my opinion, history has taught me to be critical, or call it attentive.

    What I do experience politically is a lack of vision, of clout. Party interests and the battle for the 'Best Quote in the Eight Hour News' are, as far as I am concerned with my limited vision, the things that the current political system is all about. And I'm not entirely alone in that.

    The interests of us citizens & taxpayers are thereby seriously harmed. And the kind of 'Operation Stiekums' in which small entrepreneurs are tempted to do something without a receipt is at odds with Dutch hospitality compared to multinationals with heavy tax-avoiding multinationals with Dutch PO Box addresses.

    I think the whole story is so complicated that we can't solve it here with a few remarks.

    But if I hear something that could harm third parties, I simply pass it on. Whether the danger comes from the left or the right.

    Again in a personal capacity: I like 'roverheid' as a word joke.

    And I agree with Gert van Vliet's relaxed approach: Let's sit down with him with a glass in hand. Maybe we will solve all the problems together!

    Yours faithfully,

    Dolf Peeters

  2. The aggressive tone of AM Klassiek with regard to measures taken by the government here and in other reports, and the ridiculing of the same government strongly reminds us of the De Telegraaf's style of writing. Playing a war in Mali and asylum seekers etc, it is all of the same aggressive negative tone.

    • Dear Gerald, I would like you to explain what you find aggressive in AMK's tone regarding the ins and outs of our Roverheid… ..

      I certainly do not think it is aggression; respond skeptically to the working method (note this word: working method) of the government.
      Is it then neither always clear to you what the objective of The Government is ????? Surely it is only about taking as much money as possible from the citizen as quickly as possible, for all their plans and ideas, which nobody really wants, but which they simply consider ?!
      I would like to talk to you about this while enjoying a relaxing drink !! With very kind regards, a realist, an Oldtimer enthusiast, Gert.

    • The government takes the little ones, but allows multinationals to get away without paying taxes and allows all kinds of care bobos and now the director of a copyright organization to run off with tons. All allowed by law, but just less unjust.

  3. It seems like De Telegraaf's earnings model. First the newspaper was converted to the PVV party newspaper, then the culture of hate preacher Wilders was implemented, after which hordes of subscribers flee, including myself. And now the problems that have arisen are solved by hitting people. After all, they may cost something….

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