Hailwood's Iso Grifo

Mike Hailwood and his Iso Grifo
Mike Hailwood and his Iso Grifo
Mike Hailwood and his Iso Grifo
Mike Hailwood and his Iso Grifo

Last year the Iso Grifo who ordered the legendary, nine-fold motorcycle world champion in the summer of 1967 at the auction of Coys sold for £ 168.000,00. Striking detail, the car also entered A Magical Mistery Tour, the Beatles' movie. Hailwood's Grifo is one of the 32 right-hand drive units from the total production of 322 built between 1963 and 1974 powerhouses.

After Mike Hailwood had bought the car from the then importer Peter Agg (known from Trojan, read McLaren sportscars among others), it was the leading British car (sport) journalist John Bolster - on 10 September of that year in Italy because of the then Grand Prix - who was allowed to drive the car to Great Britain.

His three-day ride was also used to make a nice test report that appeared one month later in Autosport. An interesting report, especially since Bolster was really completely excited by the Grifo powered by an 350 horsepower strong Chevrolet Corvette V8 coupled to a five-speed gearbox from ZF. Moments later, more publications appeared from him. Among others in Autocar. In that article also a photo of Mike Hailwood, his car and a police force congratulating him ... Those were the days?

The cart still has the Italian license number 17241EE. Hailwood was able to drive the car on the island tax free because he was registered in South Africa. Shortly thereafter, the car was shipped there and became a familiar appearance because it used this gun as daily transportation. Only a few years later this Iso could also be seen in the aforementioned Beatles film. In 1972 the car was back in Britain and sold to a certain Robert Watkinson.

Shortly thereafter, Hugh McCallum was allowed to call himself a British car license plate (PLD 938L). In the following five years, a few thousand kilometers were driven. Everything confirmed by annual MOT forms. The canary yellow car was now too small for a family with growing children and was 'bolded' and stored in 1978. Until 2004, the moment when the owner thought "I want to drive it again". Stagnation is decline (all the way in 26 years), the car turned out to be completely rusted despite all precautions and had to be completely restored.

In 2007 a new owner presented himself and thought that this famous car - and even if it was only in honor of Mike Hailwood - had to be restored to its former glory. That happened in Germany. The Grifo was plucked apart to the last screw, the body made bare to the bone, sheet-finished and sprayed in the original color Giallo Limon (which you like us too canary yellow may call). The interior completely renewed, with new leather in the color Pelle Nero Riviera, also called jet black. Furthermore, the technology was thoroughly addressed, overhauled or replaced, including the complete wiring, lighting, air conditioning, really everything. The car is just completely new.

An Iso Grifo enjoyed moderate interest in circles of enthusiasts until a few years ago. That has since changed and is now high on the wish list of collectors who have everything that comes from Maranello high on the wish list. Such a Grifo can give more than good to that purely Italian heritage. With the Mike Hailwood Iso it all ended very well. We are curious when it will be available again. That won't last five years. Do you have time to gather some coins or to come up with a nice construction (...)?

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