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They squeak, often look shabby, and in the worst case, hang on worn-out springs: old garage doors, a sad sight when you get home or when you receive visitors, and in many cases even a security risk when it comes to traps or burglary.

Then it's high time for a new garage door. Teckentrup, based in Germany but also on our market, can take care of this. And then not only the garage, but the whole façade of your house will get a better look - and thanks to modern safety systems, no one has to worry anymore that little hands will come between the garage doors or that the garage door will hit your car roof.

Teckentrups “CarTeck doors are adaptable to the look of your home - classic, modern or rural. Moreover, they make life a little bit more pleasant: an electric drive with remote control is standard nowadays, "says Jörg Meyer-Holtkamp, ​​door expert at Teckentrup

Teckentrup was founded in 1932 and with its factories in Verl-Sürenheide (headquarters) and Großzöbertiz is one of the largest manufacturers of doors and garage doors in Europe. From idea to innovation and from design to realization, everything is under one roof. And as a customer you reap the benefits.

Not only when it comes to appearance and safety, but also when it comes to comfort. Because a drafty garage door that is a huge 'cold bridge' with the outside world due to a lack of insulation, the winter key way is definitively ruined.

Because pampering our classics out of season becomes torture when done with cold hands and stiff muscles. And by experience we can say that our partners generally appreciate this investment in our hobby because of the optical upgrade that garage doors from Teckentrup to give.

A win-win-win situation right? With the third 'win' there is one for the parked vehicles.

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