The chance to get your Renault Floride 'showroom' again is growing every day!
The chance to get your Renault Floride 'showroom' again is growing every day!
You can request free catalogs from Melun Rétro Passion 77 if you are in need of spare parts for the Renault 4CV, Juvaquatre, R8 / R10, Floride / Caravelle, Alpine A110, Dauphine, Frégate, Relay, R4L, R5, R6, R12 R14, R17, R17 / R20, RXNUMX but also the Citroën 2CV, ID / DS, GS, H-type and Traction Avant, the Simca 8, Simca V8, Aronde / P60, Simca 1000, 1300 / 1500, 1301 / 1501, Peugeot 203, 403 and 204 / 304, XNXX, 404, 504 604, J7 / J9 or Panhard.

Catalogs full of new (!) Parts, many of which are from the original manufacturer. A bookcase full ... And if you also order parts there, it will make you happy. From Monday to Friday you can call 0033-1-6481.3100 during office hours for further information. Please note that between 12.00 and 14.00 hours people have a break there and the phone is not answered ...

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