Ford Granada 2600 GL (1976) by Meindert. Eye-catching… 

Ford Granada 2600GL 3
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As a passionate enthusiast, Meindert is associated with the Ford brand. There's nothing more fun than sharing the enthusiasm for classic Fords with like-minded people. For him, that is connectedness through passion. And the Ford Granada 2600 GL from Meindert is rarely seen on the road anymore.

By: Dirk de Jong

You sometimes come across this impressive Ford at an event. And ... of course in the beautiful Frisian countryside. Finally, you can now take a look at the Ford and nature.

Classic lover

Meindert: “My Ford Granada 2600 GL is a beautiful example in an unprecedented original condition. A great touring car, lovely seats, this German solidity will bring me many years of pleasure. The story goes that this Ford was also in the stock of the Gallery in Brummen. He cannot have had a hard life. Everything is just new thanks to the dedication of the previous owner who shaped his car love for Ford in this way. I have a great fondness for Ford and I think this Granada is fantastic.”

Ford wrote at the time:

A car with beautiful lines. The atmosphere of comfort, luxury and power, which makes the car ideally suited as a business limousine. A very strong asset in the top segment of prestige automobiles.

Great attraction

Meindert: “When I was tipped off about the offer of this Ford, I had to hold my breath. It immediately exerted an undeniable attraction for me. In fact: Goosebumps! And that physical sensation confirms that you are on the trail of something valuable, there was no hesitation, the car was bought and registered. The great enjoyment could begin, and that would be small tours in the area and perhaps participation in events. It's a beauty on wheels, I can't get enough of it."


We make no attempt to explain Meindert's enthusiasm. Our experience is that many enthusiasts let themselves be carried away by enthusiasm, which often leads to burning love. Meindert proved with his reaction that owning a classic car has an effect on happiness. Don't you think it's a beautiful Ford?

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  1. Not exactly a Ford guy.....
    But this model calls out to be beautiful.
    Beautiful in proportion, correct color, beautiful execution!
    Delicious (thirsty) engines.

  2. My father blessed his last Ford (he was Ford Tractor sales representative for the firm Thomas in Merchtem Belgium – he passed away in '75) was this model in Consul GT 2.3 6 cyl. Coupe version. Bought new in '72.
    A big bowl and a nice cart. Said in Flemish.
    Cool article.

  3. I once made 1 trip with it, from Enschede via Brussels to Amsterdam. It has always stayed with me how fast, quiet and spacious that car was. It all felt very solid. After that we went out for a few days with a Ford Corsair.
    But it is so difficult today to write an article that will reach your mailbox for free
    comes in and then try to make sure it doesn't annoy anyone, or feel sorry for it.
    Oh well, c'est la vie I guess.
    Greetings from YVR.
    PS great photos by the way.

  4. This article also takes me back to beautiful memories. This car has a nice specification and (fortunately) no artificial leather roof covering (black or brown) which was popular at the time.
    Ford has long been the purveyor of the Royal stables, so Queen Juliana had a few “Royal blue” Granada Ghias available as standard, also of the following model.
    I've ridden Granada's myself for a number of years and enjoyed it despite the fact that wheel alignment was often needed to be able to steer a little tight. Dark blue with blue plush upholstery was also a nice color combination. The 2.6 and later the 2.8i were very smooth running and reliable German machines. There was also a 3.0 liter version at the time, of English origin and of lower quality.

  5. Nice car, sad article.
    What strikes me about this editor is that he spends more words on the owner than on the car he should be writing about. Sad, sad and annoying.

  6. Beautiful model, much nicer than the square successor from 1980
    In 1989 I just bought the same model and color, but 2.0 Ghia automatic for 10.000 francs (250 euros) in perfect condition at a gas station, for an acquaintance who needed a car. The car drove super and comfortable and had a lot of interior space.
    10 years old in Belgium and a large car was virtually unsaleable at the time. Most gas stations along the secondary roads had several of these 10.000 franc cars for sale.
    Now they have become rare and pricey

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