Ford 20M (1968). Amazingly beautiful and elegant 

Ford 20 M 1968 2

Are encounters when it comes to classic cars a coincidence? Or is it always the right time and the right place? The discoveries and owners of beautiful classics/oldtimers don't appear just like that, do they?

By: Dirk de Jong

If you're open to it, it's "The mind gets what it expects, maybe this find is proof again. This Ford 20 M (Type P7a) was also available in a two-door and coupé version. The car was only in production for 14 months, after which the P7b appeared on the production line. We got this information from a chance passer-by who also showed an interest in this astonishingly beautiful Ford. (And also had a lot of knowledge of classic Fords.)

Variegated mixture

We find a colorful mix of classics along the way. Sometimes completely original, and sometimes not. Sometimes you see that the car has lived, but also in new condition, such as this Ford 20 M. A spacious and silent car, where you can easily get in and out, but also where you sit just as comfortably in the back as in the front. With a colossal coffee area for all luggage. Truly a car for the whole family.


The discoveries (unfortunately) do not always lead to encounters because we cannot easily trace the owner. But that doesn't stop us from sharing our experience with you through photos.

moment of connection

A discovery is always a pleasant experience, which creates contacts with enthusiasts who keep the car hobby burning. And that enthusiasm is also a moment of connection. In fact: You notice that sometimes a complete stranger can even become a friend in a few minutes due to the joint hobby.


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  1. Frankly, I think it's nicer than the P7b, this color is also very striking, and that beautiful simple dashboard appeals to me.

    I think the OSI 20M ts based on this Ford series is even more beautiful, now a very rare car.

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  2. Very nice, that coffee room. Did they also have coffee making equipment in the back then?
    Of course a beautiful Ford.
    Did the engine run on leaded petrol? Is that motor fuel still available in the Netherlands?

  3. I bought this Ford 20M new in 1968, it was a nice spacious and comfortable car for that time. After two years I had a serious accident with it, but I got out without a scratch and then bought a 20M year of construction 1970 again. In the meantime, it was a new model

  4. What a beautiful car full of character from Ford from Cologne. Driving like a flying carpet so comfortable.
    The cars from that time were much more beautiful and personal than the current masses, nowadays you often have to look at which brand name is on a body to know what it is
    I myself had a 15M from 67, this was my first car, very simple in design and it was just a car, nothing more, nothing less. I do miss those days of cars without computers and all that other silly stuff that has nothing to do with driving.

  5. With only 1 year of manufacture and only 150.000 units produced, which were also regarded as ordinary consumer cars, it will not be easy to keep a copy running in 2021.

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