Finds in the sandbox. Classics in the desert

classics in the desert
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Finds in the sandbox: Classics in the desert. In the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia is quite a bit of money. That is known. In those scarcely inhabited sandboxes, almost all work is done by 'guest workers'.

Get out or imprison

These are of course all kinds of Asians, people from India and such and Filipinos who clean toilets and do their shopping in a fairly modern form of slavery. But it is also teeming with middle and senior management and well-paid specialists. Little is known about what the native residents themselves do. Research has shown that it is not much and that part of that is not much filled by everything that Allah has forbidden. But what do you want with so much time left.

But now to the heart of the matter. All Arabs and so on drive the thickest and most exclusive cars. After a short time they lose interest in such a toy. Or the thing runs out of gas, and then he just stands. The expats are another branch of many earners. They also see life as a party and quite a few of those men and women have an excellent taste in the field of cars.

Unfortunately, in quite a few countries in the Arab sphere of influence, there are quite a few possibilities to go to jail. Prisons in that region are not nice. And because the legislators have an extra eye on all those foreigners, it regularly happens that such a hired professional is given the notice that he or she must appear in court.

The standard response is then: Pack things and take the first flight from the country in question. And then we come to the fact that in the region there are quite a few highly exclusive classics in the making that are dusting and bogging down.

Unexpected sparks in the sand

In terms of silting, the desert itself is also quite often a place where surprising finds are made, by the way

The local scoring of such abandoned beauties is not very easy. But with enough bribe a patience ...

But there are also enthusiasts among the Arabs themselves. Jay Leno sold his 80 cars and 80 motorcycle collection according to rumors to Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad for 936.268222 million euros.

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  1. What kind of information do you have about the sale of Leno's cars? On the internet there is only some old and vague information about it.

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