A fantastic environment

A paradise on your doorstep
A paradise on your doorstep

Northern France is the piece of land that is always skipped. Unjustified. Despite the fact that the weather there is roughly comparable to that in our country.

There on the Normandy coast lies the town of Dielette, as a unique tribute to 1960 or thereabouts. You can - if the tide is right - from there to Guernsey. But the quiet village is also a unique base for rides through a landscape that is simply created for your classic car.

And if you spend the night in ** hotel restaurant La Phare, then you will fall asleep after a delicious meal in your room with a sea view while the sound of the waves sings you into dreamland.

Why is it so beautiful, intact and affordable on that part of Normandy? No idea. In any case, it cannot be due to the fact that there is a nuclear power plant to the left of Dielette. Because it nicely compensates for the conversion installation, further to the right on the coast.

Our advice? "To do!"

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