A Facel on the cover

Rik Ringers in a Facel Vega
Everyone used to ride in classics
Rik Ringers in a Facel Vega
Everyone used to ride in classics

Rik Ringers (Ric Hochet) is a detective comic series about the eponymous lead character by screenwriter Andre-Paul Duchateau and illustrator Tibet. The core of almost all episodes is a (often supernatural) crime and the related reason for crime reporter Rik Ringers to investigate the mystery. In all cases, the 'supernatural' is exposed and the perpetrators turn out to be people of flesh and blood.

The series started in 1955 with a series of short stories. From 1963 the follow-up stories appear and the series has 78 albums. The minor character, Commissioner Baardemakers, who plays in the series, was inspired by Maigret and by Inspector Bourdel of Cinq dernières minutes.

Action and pursuits play an important role in the comics. And those chases often happen in cars. In classics ...

The Rik Ringers comics are still available in comic stores, Internet antiquarian bookshops and the Brussels Comic Strip Museum, which is worth a visit anyway

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