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Audi 100 Avant

Audi Avant for galvanizingFaceBook is overrated. Because the digital world is simply not real. Handy ... But not really. Simply, really know people, meet them in the wild, that's party.

It is winter, but feels like autumn. Autumn is known for its rain. After being soaked for the second time in a week, I did have it. So I call Vernon. Vernon is a local dealer in budget cars. He also always has a few engines. I grab my Aldi Smartphone: “Vernon, Dolf here. I have to have a car ”

Vernon asked for certainty: "You still have no money?" An unnecessary question. "Come on Wednesday." A few drier days came again, so I forgot about the whole car until the next downpour. I put the Guzzi gloomy, dripping away, and grabbed the Honda CB 125, which I use for unclear local activities, because that thing always seemed to be taken back in a newly purchased car. It continued to rain.

Audi Avant for galvanizingI stepped dripping with Vernon into my dwarf's court. "Ah, I thought, where is he?" Said Vernon, a man who may not have invented calmness and tranquility himself, but who certainly was there when the first test packages of those qualities were handed out.

The story was sidelined because there was an 450 cc Ducati in the showroom. With only 11.000 km on the clock, but with a somewhat weathered appearance. The yellow / black Duc was allowed to leave for a tenner per cc. Nice! But I was there to pick up my voiture. Outside was a huge Audi 100 Avant five-cylinder from 1983 on incredibly wide rims. Just like a puppy with large legs. The thing didn't seem to fall quickly.

"Nobody wants him, Vernon beamed satisfied. And now you buy it for way too much ”. The 'way too much' was not that bad. We dealt with change and effortlessly pushed the Honda back into the Audi.

At home, the Avant was parked in the parking lot and the Honda pricked out again. It now smelled nice in the Audi that apparently had gas-absorbent upholstery. Fine!

So just be careful with smoking. Only then did it become apparent what kind of habit animal a person is. Because owning a car was not in my system. So I kept taking the bike. Fortunately the coin finally fell. Through the tamtam I heard of a lover who was going to clean up. Interesting enough to have a look and to make my move after hard negotiations. The family capital was released and the rear seats of the Audi folded down. This gives a loading length of more than two meters. The transaction succeeded. On the way home!

The Audi remained just as good again. As a warehouse for the batches of parts of which I am now making a BSA B33, it is very practical. Handy things that cars! And it just remains great engine weather.

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  1. Day Peter: I agree. In the meantime, I changed and exchanged the Avant for an Audi 100 sedan. A very neat one too! The car has the 1900 cc five-cylinder carburettor engine and is therefore quite rare. The 1983 'is driven at full rate all year round, gets serviced and maintained and can last for years to come!

    Yours faithfully,

    Dolf Peeters

  2. Yet I still find those Audi 100 typ44s and 80 B3s very underrated cars. Especially with the five-cylinder engine, they are very strong, I read everywhere. My own 80s from the 90s passed the MOT without too much costs. But I suspect classic enthusiasts to be more interested in crutchy rust trays 🙂 There is more challenge in it.

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