Everything used to be better

HALL Leather clothing

Okay, maybe not everything. And nowadays there are still many things. But quality can be so funny ...

Through an acquaintance of a friend who had bumped into someone, we got an old motorcycle jacket here. A piece seam was loose and the leather was very dry. But the jacket was still in great condition.

A label was sewn into the lining: Zaal's clothing warehouse, Groningen.

We decided to Google once… And found Leatherwear Room in Groningen.

Since 1947, Zaal Leatherwear has been established in Groningen as a fashion business. So shortly after the Second World War, the customer was primarily interested in practical clothing. As a customer you then had no fewer than three models of jackets in three different colors. The customer had the measure taken and picked up the jacket fourteen days later. That was then not a superfluous luxury either. The models were generally quite tight, and the leather incredibly thick. You could even put a long leather jacket on the floor almost upright.

A lot has changed since then. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, techniques were developed that made the leather thinner and thus greatly increased wearing comfort. The improved dyeing processes made it possible to get leather in any desired color.

For all these years, Zaal Leatherwear has been the leading store in the field of leather fashion in the north. It is a specialty store distinguished by its advice and service. You can also still go there for repair and change work.

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