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september, 2021

05SeptemberEntire day22nd Sailing Oldtimer Day

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The 22nd Vaartse Oldtimerdag, Sunday 5 September 2021, will continue!

This is of course subject to what is and is not allowed on September 5th. Keep an eye on the info on this Facebook page and our website.

A 'mobile' museum in Dongen-Vaart!
After a year of absence, the first Sunday of September (5 September) is the regular spot for the Vaartse Oldtimerdag in Dongen-Vaart. An all-round old-timer day for everything that drives, rolls, crackles, simmers and is older than 30 years is welcome. This creates a great diversity of vehicles on the event site.
Participants and enthusiasts come from all over the country to show their vehicles and admire others. Hundreds of vehicles, some of which date back to the early XNUMXs, are scattered throughout the village center of Dongen-Vaart. Perfectly restored gems to vehicles that have had a hard life behind them, everything is welcome and will provide the many classic car enthusiasts with a wonderful day!
In each category there is also a tour through the nearby area.
At the various trunk sellers you may just find the missing part for your project, or a nice reminder of a distant past.
There is ample opportunity on the event site to have a snack and a drink at the various catering points.
In addition, every edition we have our well-known envelope game. For a small contribution you help us organize our event and you have a chance to win an old-timer moped or one of the other main prizes!

We as Oldtimer Vrienden Club (OVC) strive every year to show as many oldtimer vehicles as possible to the public so that these beautiful creations, which have brought us to today's technology, are not forgotten!

You can pre-register via: http://wordpress.oldtimervriendenclub.nl/inschrijven/

Location: Café-Zaal 't Karrewiel, Vaartweg 112, 5106 NE, Dongen-Vaart (Nb)


All day (Sunday)

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