Ethanol: E10 in vintage cars?

Millers supplies an all-in solution that makes current fuels suitable for your old-timer or young-timer
Millers supplies an all-in solution that makes current fuels suitable for your old-timer or young-timer

We have already let you know that in their zeal the Eurocrats are letting gasoline companies and the various governments earn even more, increasing gasoline by five percent Ethanol. In the meantime, this has grown to ten percent in Germany and France, making it absolutely unsuitable for not just classics!

Ethanol not only causes serious corrosion in the tank, fuel system and engine, but above all affects non-metals such as rubber and cork that can be found in fuel pumps, carburetors and pipes. Petrol tanks in classics are made of iron and tin ... That is why it is never Euro 95E10 refueling, unless you love mega-problems. In the aforementioned countries such as France and Germany, major problems have also arisen with modern cars. BMW and Mercedes-Benz have therefore urged the relevant governments to withdraw this biofuel from the market. Until now against deaf ears. This problem has been seen in Britain. Another respectable number of years ago we have tested the various lead replacements for you. Then the Millers Oils product turned out to be one of the best. And that is still the case. Millers Oils is good for you as a classic fan. A new addition was quickly devised, tested and approved, with which you can easily refuel Euro 95E10. Millers Oils supplies that in three types. The first - VSPe - which prevents 'rust' and excessive valve wear due to a lead replacement, but does not push up the octane number. One bottle is good for 40 liters of gasoline. VSPe Power Plus offers a so-called all-in-one protection against the damage of ethanol, is a lead substitute and drives the octane number with 2 numbers - 20 points - upwards. This remedy replaces the 'old' VSP Plus and in this case one bottle is enough for 40 liters of gasoline. Finally, there is EPS, which only offers protection against the bad influences of Ethanol. Further information and orders via Millers Oils Benelux,

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