Barn Finds: Treasure or Scrap?

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It's probably an age thing. But the number of barn finds is rising almost faster than our pride in Max. Max can go along for a long time. However, the barn finds are often the legacy of people who stopped going. Here in the east people say about a deceased “Ie is uut de tit”. He's out of time. That's a nice approach.

But there can also be cleared because people move to something smaller or a sheltered home or something. And so all those motorcycles that have not stood in the way for a long time now have their turn. And that's when it often becomes unclear. We know that not too long ago a collection of motorcycles and parts was cleared by an old ironmonger who must have had the time of his life with it. But more often it is the case that people start orienting themselves on the internet.

And then they come up with unique asking prices

Even if the find is, for example, an extremely experienced, challenging restoration project that finds its beauty in its patina, the price approach is often very positive. And that while a Harley BigTwin can also reach the stage where only the question: "what is the old iron doing today?" relevant.

This way you can end up between 'unique and panic' after purchase

Because also in our playing field there is a price-quality ratio. Because what cannot be saved can be replaced. However? And then you have to be flexible and dive into the internet. Because in India, the Chinese People's Republic and the Philippines, everything is counterfeited for BMWs, Harleys, Hondas and such. This often has more than a little to do with the fact that there were specialists from the west who gave the orders there. And once the molds were there, those clients – which were BMW, Harley, Honda and others – were handed over to them.

But in that context, the selected suppliers generally saw no reason to stop production and then put their stuff online. That that was not completely correct with regard to the clients? Ach: Rutte is not the only neoliberal. Just be aware that the suppliers will be about as loyal to you as they were to their previous clients. But friend Ben van Helden had a neat – hand-lined – tank for his R69S from India. And in this way even a seemingly hopeless find can still be given a new lease of life.

But that shouldn't stop you from keeping your eyes open

Because it can end very juicy. An Overijssel acquaintance helped his new neighbor across the street to empty a shed full of rubbish. The new neighbors were westerners who were already well established. They had become good noabers. And noabers help each other. In the back of the barn, way back in the barn, was a very dusty, but pretty neat Velocette Thruxton. As a thank you for his help, our acquaintance received a case of beer. And the Velocette.

My own latest acquisition was a barn clearer from Dirksland. A lady's motorcycle, yes. Unfortunately there were no papers. But I now have a nice Yamaha XZ550.

bmw tank

Ben van Helden's project is on the mend. The tank is from India

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Ural find wood
So a barn find…


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  1. At the last photo, maybe an idea to run that engine on a wood gas generator or something. With the current prices for petrol I think a good alternative. 😜

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