Effect of the scrapping scheme

When it became clear at the start of 2009 that our country was also hit by the economic crisis and became the first to be seen in the car industry, the BOVAG advised 'The Hague' to follow the example of the United States, Germany and Great Britain. here one Cash for Clunkers of Abwrackprämie to create.

The aim of this scheme would be to cut the knife in two directions, to give the car industry a boost in its own country and to benefit the environment because polluting cars would be replaced by 'greener' ones. 'The Hague' also saw the light and there was a scrapping scheme in our country. Very clever (... did you expect otherwise?), The premium could also be applied to used cars. The ailing brand dealers collapsed further into the swamp, the second-hand trade spun yarn. Truckloads, young, used and cheap foreign quadricycles were dragged in, the cash register was polished up even more. The party could begin. Now almost a year later it might be nice to take stock. The Top 10 of American demolition companies is led by only American brands with the Ford Explorer 4 × 4 at the top. Only two in ten newly sold cars are Made in the USA, the other eight are from Asia. The aggravated British government of Gordon Brown has not (yet) announced any figures, they have already called off enough misery about themselves. At our Eastern neighbors, such 800.000 buyers made use of the scrapping scheme. The Top 10 demolition is led by the Volkswagen Golf. The Opel Corsa and Astra in the wake. In the Top 10 Purchase, Volkswagen is in first place, followed by Opel, Skoda and Fiat. However, distressed manufacturers such as Daimler-Benz and BMW have not benefited from this spectacle ... Was this a smart plan? Not really, because in the States as well as in Germany it is expected that the car industry will collapse dramatically once the scheme ends ... Quite apart from the fact that it is highly doubtful whether the removal and 'scraping' of an old one (...) , a properly functioning car has yielded more environmental savings than a fossil fuel-guzzling new one. Apart from the money invested ... How crazy should you be?

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