'Dupont' a kind of French Jansen

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Luc Dupont. That is just as much a name in France as Piet Jansen. Luc, Monsieur Luc Dupont, runs, between Carcasonne and the Mediterranean Sea. In that top area, he redecorates Ford Mustangs as an extra income and hobby. Do not think of a large-scale event, but of one or two cars per year. And he had figured out over the internet that 'Mustangs with some work' are considerably cheaper here than there.

Buying cars in the Netherlands seemed like a nice plan. But Monsieur Dupont plays the same thing as most Dutch people who want to do business in France: the language problem.

Dupont and other French phenomena

Many Dutch people dream away on 'le bon coin' and then, after having gathered courage, get completely stuck in the communication between the selling party and the interested party. Occasionally I am therefore asked to interpret in such cases. And that has led to a number of people once again spending a winter on a French course. Because when they see how friendly and communicative French people are - apart from Parisians - if they even notice that the other party has taken some effort to learn more about their language and habits.

And it is those habits that are even more important than the language itself. For example, our Dutch directness in France is seen as rude and uncivilized. The French are of the long run, the cumbersome, the scanning and being friendly. And if you realize that many spouses still address each other with 'vous', 'you', then you understand what a mortal sin it is to directly instruct people or address them by their first names. What Ilja Gort does on TV is only tolerated by the French extras, because he provides free publicity. He also speaks moderately French. But if the intentions are good, then you get away with it.

French people take the time

To get back to the long term: A relation has been buying a few cars from a small private museum for four years. He goes there about twice a year. Talk to the elderly owner. Drinks a glass of pastis with him. After three years they have already been out to dinner together. And last year he was introduced to 'madame', the owner's wife. And that dream transaction? It will be all right! At most another year on what ... But then nails must be hit with heads.

Dealing with traders can be a bit more direct, but still approach them more as for a date than for fast bizniz.

In France, by the way, it is still teeming with classics in all states, also north of the climate separation formed by the Loire. So if you want to dream away constructively this winter, you can take a French speaking course. And because France wants to bring the world to a larger civilization, the French government also subsidizes part of those training courses, such as those of the nationally operating Alliance Française. And that is something that should appeal to us Dutch.

And Monsieur Luc Dupont wanted to say that classic lovers are more than welcome with him and that he can offer them everything they want. And that looks like Dutch business.

Chambres d'hôtes et Gîtes
D 56
Tel: 04 68 79 81 32
Tel: 07 78 35 04 26

Alliance Française des Pays-Bas

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Monsieur Luc Dupont's hobby


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