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Jouke Bloem from Leeuwarden gave us the opportunity to set off with a Classic Mini from the last generation. We seized that opportunity with both hands. The small British car surprised us. The Mini Cooper 1.3 Mpi showed us the combination of its old intrinsic values ​​and young adulthood.

This Rover Mini was delivered new in 1999 in Germany. He was given a tasty fun package. That consisted of the mudguards and broadeners thick 13 ″ wheels with light metal, features that give this Mini a solid and tough character. Furthermore, four bright lights found a place between the characteristic headlights, and this British classic was further embellished with chrome accents.

Cozy atmosphere without a ruler

In the car, which is painted in beautiful dark anthracite, furniture with beautiful and playfully profiled cream-colored leather found its way. It fits well within the interior, which already leaves a fairly pleasant impression. Wood, meters with chrome edges and a leather steering wheel with airbag appeal to the Rover origin. The passenger compartment is simply chic and frivolously finished. It welcomes the passengers of the Mini in a lively and typically British way in a friendly atmosphere.

Decades old characteristics

It happens in a car that also has decades-old basic features. The space supply remained the same for practically 41 years. Certainly for the undersigned it is - with a length of 1 meter 95 - even twisting, although a reasonable sitting position has been found easier than expected. Another feature: the tilted steering wheel. Due to the relatively small dimensions on the inside, we are also quickly used to this. The falling boot lid is also still part of the British little one's character. And of course the design is unmistakably that of the Mini, which of course changed in details, but retained essentially the same gun factor.

Modified A-Plus engine

The 1275 cc engine capacity of the power source was also found in earlier Minis. From the eighties, the A-Plus engine was mounted in the front of various group members and other family members of the Mini. The engine was regularly adapted to the requirements of the time. Among other things, a real computer unit and the application of Twin Port injection tell something about the speed of the nations that also got a grip on the A-Plus engine. Due to the adjustments, it got a very tight spot in the front in the Mini. As a result, there was no more space for the windshield washer reservoir. For that reason it moved to the trunk.

Long frying ratios

When this Mini Cooper 1.3 Mpi was born, parent company Rover was under the control of owner BMW. That, and the applied drive-by-noise measures, left their mark. The noise level was partly reduced by the use of good insulation material and greatly improved floor covering. It turned this Mini into a car that can be driven in a surprisingly mature way. The well-shifting four-speed gearbox was given long proportions under Bavarian control, which meant that the Mini's transmission changed from shift to shift.

Different row characteristic than originally

“That adjustment means that this car, in contrast to its predecessors, is particularly suitable for longer journeys on motorways and motorways. This applies less for inland routes with sharp turns. A part of beautiful cornering on rural roads is not only the steering, but also the moment that you can appeal to a higher speed range, "says owner Jouke Bloem." That now works to a lesser extent. "

Surprisingly fast, even in lower speed range

We understand what he means by that. In this configuration, the four-speed gearbox in the Mini particularly emphasizes the traction and elasticity. Because we are really surprised by the extent to which the Cooper accelerates. In addition, the Mini needs to make relatively few revolutions. Also on the inner route, the Mini still shows enough of the old glory in terms of handling and cornering. We know the firm damping of short bumps from the older Mini's. And the direct and the kart-like of the controls are still present. Jouke Bloem agrees. “But on 12 inch straps and with a short gear ratio, which invites you to switch back to the bend and then accelerate to revs, a Classic Mini comes into its own even better. Then they are even more fun. ”

Stubborn teenager became an adult

What strikes us while driving is that the Mini with its wide footwear tends to bite into the asphalt, and to pass on track effects a little more emphatically. However, it does not alter the fact that this luxury Classic Mini also offers enough ingredients to cover the kilometers with a big grin. Because this car managed to retain its headstrong character. A character that despite the transformation of adolescent to adult comes to the surface more than sufficiently.

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  1. I am an old mini adept, at least 8 I have had the old type. In all sorts of versions, from a simple 850 via a Woods traveler, a Cooper to an 1300 innocent.
    Now I have an older new mini Cooper S as a holiday car and as a brine tank.
    What a fun this car, all the elements of the past are present and it drives completely like an adult car. Praise for BMW !!

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