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Glas 1300 GT
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Glass is a brand of enthusiasts.

The brand that ended so dynamically had its roots in agricultural vehicles and small transport. The Goggomobils were the first steps on the road to serious motorized transport after WWII. The 'adult' cars from Glas have always been fairly exclusive. They have never known the wide popularity of Beetles or Mini's.

But for the connoisseurs, enthusiasts, the brand there is not much nicer. And the Glas cars were fast. That is why they had the same plus point for West German criminals as the six-cylinder TAs at the time had for their French colleagues: They were faster than police cars.

The GTs

The Glas 1300 GT was presented at the IAA in 1963, but production did not start until March 1964. With this car the Hans Glas GmbH company distanced itself from the Goggomobil dwarf car image (although the Goggomobil was still being produced). The Glas 1300 GT was a very sporty car, designed by Frua. The engine was actually a drilled S 1004 engine, with the then-signature toothed belt drive. The block produced 75 hp. The car, which was first available as a coupé, and from September 1964 also as a convertible, was thus 170 km / h. In September 1965 the engine power was increased to 62,5 kW (85 hp) and a top speed was 175 km / h fast.

In September 1965 a coupé and a convertible version of the Glas 1300 GT with an 1.700cc engine that delivered 100 hp appeared. This engine had a longer stroke, which increased the height of the block. That made it necessary for the bonnet to get a hump as it would later become known in America under the name of 'power bulge'. This raised hood was also applied to the 1300 versions from that moment. Before September 1965, the hood of the Glas 1300 GT was only fitted with two chrome strips. The 1700 GT models, both in coupé and convertible version, became relatively successful.

Bought by BMW

After the takeover by BMW, the Glas 1700 GT Coupé went under the name of BMW 1600 GT, fitted with the engine from the BMW 1600-2. There were, however, minor changes in appearance, such as the BMW "kidneys" in the grill and the rear lights, which came from the BMW 2 series.

Because Glas had become an actual BMW competitor, the decision by BMW to put a line under the Glas story was strategically correct. But that is no less sad.

In AMK number 6

AMK number six contains the story of Glas passionado Jaap Groeneveld, his Glas cabrio and his Glas coupé. The story about those two cars and their rebirth. And that something like that yields a different story than the restoration of a Beetle or a Mini? Just because of the fact that the component provision for those cars is at a completely different level. And Jaap Groeneveld can also talk about that.

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  1. Yes, those “Autos” von Glas were / were reforming. Schon als junger Mann kaufte ich mir den ersten Glas 1300 GT. Der heelt nicht lange, in einer sehr scharfen Kurve kam ich ins Schleudern weil die Bauern den Dreck aus aus Profilreifen ihrer Traktoren nicht entfernt haben und ich bin quer in einen Zaun der hauptsächlch aus Eisenbahnschwellen file. Mit ist nichts passiert, da die A-Säule äußert stabil ist / war. Ich ahbe mir black einen neune Glas GT gekauft, bin mit dem Rennen und Rallyes fahren mußte das Auto Verkaufen da meine damalige Frau den Glas nichtmo. Naja 6 Jahre später allowed ich sie dann nicht mehr. Kaufte mir einen Gebrauchten GT der aber beim Händler gestohlen wurde. Vor 10 Jahren kaufte ich mir in Holland wieder einen GT undleider im Urlaub hatte ich mit diesem Glas einen unverschuldeten Unfall (eine Dame nahm mir die Vorfahrt) und der Glas ist nun ein Totalschaden. Die Versicherung see die Abwicklung des Schadens unwahrscheinlich in die Länge. Naja hoffenlich finde ich bald wieder so einen guten GT.
    Des verunfallten GT hat einer in ebay Kleinanzeigen -ohne mein Wissen-zum Verkauf reingesetzt.

  2. I once had a Glas 1304. With a so-called 'Porsche' gearbox, d, w, z, that one was in the place of the two (bottom left) and the 3 in the place of the 4 (bottom right). I thought it was a very nice car, went back and forth to Greece with my then girlfriend and my boyfriend Joost together with his then girlfriend, in 1970 or so. On the way, the engine (the bearings of the crankshaft) died, which was expertly repaired in Athens by the BMW dealer, while we stayed on Mykonos. Those were the days ...

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