Investigation requested: A red Alpine A110

Alpine A110
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When we cleaned up some archive stuff, we came across this old file. There are a few photos of an Alpine A110 on it that is apparently on its way to becoming double tough and extra fast. The photos were undoubtedly taken in the Netherlands. And there is even an almost recognizable person in one of the photos.

The discovery

For us, this file was now appropriate in the 'The find' section. And we are more than curious as to whether a reader of this message knows which car it is about, who the Alpine is now and who owns it. We look forward to your responses!

A piece of history

The Alpine A110 was presented in 1962 at the Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris as a successor to the Alpine A108. Just like the A108, the A110 was largely based on parts from Renault.

An overwhelming success

The Alpine A110 became famous, however, only around 1970, when it scored major rally successes. After winning many national rallies in France, many victories were also achieved at the international level. The most illustrious victory was the 1971 Monte Carlo Rally with Ove Andersson from Sweden at the wheel.

But that was not the end of the story

After Renault Alpine 100% had taken over, the Alpine A110 was entered for the World Rally Championship and there the Renault Alpine A110 became the car that won the World Championship in 1973. The Alpine also became an export product with West Germany and Italy as the largest buyers. In 1975 the A110 was last officially used by the factory. Although four-valve engines were installed this time, the car couldn't compete with more modern competitors such as the Lancia Stratos. However, the homologation was valid until January 1 1984, so the A110 was used many times by private individuals.

Also for ordinary people

For the market, the A110s remained available in 1300 and 1600 form. Even in 1975, the A110 got the 1.647cc engine. Finally, in June 1977, the last A110 was built, a green one. The total production was around ten thousand units, of which about a quarter consisted of license building abroad.

Manufacture by others

The Alpine is therefore not only made in the Alpine factory itself, but also in many other factories around the world that built the car under license. That happened in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and even in Bulgaria. There is some quarreling about the (construction) quality of those cars. But they are real enough.

The measurements

The Renault Alpine is graceful, elegant and at the same time aggressive and tough. And it was made in the time that the average South European (say 'everyone under Brussels') was sawed off approximately 1 meters and 70 centimeters. And a South Italian from 1.67 meter was really not small at the time.

The interior dimensions of the Renault Alpine A110 are tailored to those dimensions. To put it cautiously: a Dutch 50 + er of 1.87 meters and with a weight of 95 kilo (and that is actually quite neat) must conditionally be quite foldable to fit in. Or to be able to come out independently again.

But below the line we are very curious about the A110 in the photos.

In the meantime, it will also be in its place

And who recognizes this man or these men?

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  1. A red Alpine 110 was present at an old-timer festival in Liempde last Sunday. I don't know more, but maybe the organization.

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