Are you going to demolish yourself?

If you have more than 5 demolition objects in your yard, you may receive a visit.
If you have more than 5 demolition objects in your yard, you may receive a visit.
If you have more than 5 demolition objects in your yard, you may receive a visit.

The restore of an average classic is no longer financially viable nowadays. If we look around us like that, it is more a question of keeping things going. Parts are needed to achieve such a thing. Often new for sale. A (much) cheaper option - in these economically difficult times - offers used parts. They are for sale at trade shows, from brand specialists, car breakers (as such companies used to be called), but for some time now also with private individuals who own such a classic disassemble and in parts through the appropriate channels.

And therein lies the problem. Official car dismantling companies, affiliated with Auto Recycling Nederland, stand up against this. In recent years, they have invested millions - from your tax money gathered subsidy money - to accomplish such an environmentally responsible action. They are not happy to see their 'trade' leave via those 'self-runners' and have since sounded the alarm. Your 'dismantling' would take place in an irresponsible manner. It is hard to imagine, because there is no one left to put engine, gearbox or differential oil in the well in such a way, put a 'dead' battery in the garbage, coolant run into the ground or sewer. No, people are now well aware that something like this can only happen once. Dismantling yourself from a classic to keep another classic on the road is a good thing. Because of the so-called ownership tax and the associated obligations, you must submit the registration number to the National Road Traffic Agency, the RDW. If the trolley is completely 'bare' you can still return the remainder to an ARN company or an Old Iron specialist. The gentlemen are also concerned with the yield of the carcass. Oud IJzer is in fact well priced! By the way, if you have more than five 'demolition objects' in your yard, you can receive a visit from the municipal environmental service and you will have to meet all the requirements ...

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  1. I own one classic car that is too far gone to repair and that I dismantle (with pain in my heart) as spare parts
    and this for my two other cars that are still in perfect condition and if I can help a friend with a part I certainly will!

    I am well aware that my engine and gearbox oil do not have to go into the sewer system and that goes to the container and recycling park!

    Battery is not defective and is used until I do it at the old iron farmer who will give me a nice euro for the lead!

    I wonder what the gentlemen are concerned about, do they not yet earn enough from their business?


    A Classic and Oldtimer enthusiast with no big purse!

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