speaking my first car

A deja vu

speaking my first car 

I regularly go to England. The Goodwood Revival was organized for the eleventh time in September 2009 and that was a good reason to make the crossing again. That year we had chosen to book a hotel that was a bit further away from the circuit because it considerably reduced the price. At the hotel there was a spacious parking lot and it was always nice to look at separate cars there.

Although the site was full, I only saw modern cars. Or not? A chrome bumper gleamed in the distance. What would that be? I stepped aside to get a closer look and my throat felt a lump. It was a Rover! A 3500 P6 from the first series in the same color as my first Rover. I bought that car in 1979, it was even my first car. In addition to a code, the color also had a nice name: tobacco leaf. That sounds a lot nicer than “dogshit brown”. The car was beautifully polished. In the twilight some pictures were taken quickly and I decided to check the Rover again the next day. But the next day the car was already gone. Also in the afternoon when we got back there was no trace of "my" Rovertje. Disappointed I ordered two pints lower and walked out when I heard a familiar noise. There he was again! Two older gentlemen and two teenagers got out. I asked if I could take some pictures and said it was my first car. Immediately there was a conversation about the great technology and the other qualities of the car. The owner's son commented that at the time it was not a cheap car to buy and drive. No I said but special! The engine was started and on my directions the car was parked next to the Devils Punchbowl to take some pictures. Unable to resist the temptation, I opened the right door and pressed the accelerator. With a beautiful roll, the eight-cylinder engine showed that he was looking forward to it. The machine was put into reverse and the P6 slid backwards. Back in his drive and forward again. Crazy, this was pure childhood sentiment.

 Text and photo: Jacques van den Bergh,

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