Coming up: Volkswagen Passat 3B

Youngtimer of the coming years: Passat 3B
Youngtimer of the coming years: Passat 3B
What the average young timer fanatic can already choose from is known. But what are the young timers on the rise now? From time to time AMK takes a look into the future and tips you about potential candidates here.

At the end of 1996 Volkswagen brings the Passat 3B to the market. The car is a revolutionary improvement of its predecessor and is a resounding success within a few months. The Passat 3B brings, after the Golf, the numbers for Volkswagen. No Passat design caused as much dust as the 3B. Today, the earliest copies are approaching their fifteen-year anniversary. That means that well-preserved specimens will reach young-timer status, fall into enthusiasts' hands and will be tax-friendly to drive. We tip the 1.8 T, the five-cylinder VR5 (more on that in the magazine soon) and the 2.8 with wonderfully smooth V6 under the hood. We believe this is the young timer hit for the upcoming period. Save now, they are for sale at attractive prices. That could sometimes change ...


Chris de Raaf.

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