Classics in Turkey

Not now, but in the past and in the future, primary schools apparently make wish fulfillment. What if there is a child who would like to ride in a sidecar? Then of course you make yourself available as a local tricycle.

Child in the cup of coffee. Couple of other kids in a Dodge Beep

Tour around the village and back to school. The Dodge didn't fit between the posts of the schoolyard doors. The sidecar combination does.

Sidecar combination on the square. Boy back to the somewhat worried mother and all kinds of other curious boys around the sidecar. All highly interested Turkish boys. What authentic Dutch genetic material was present was a bit distant and cautious in the second row or in the back field. But at the Ural it was very busy. I found it endearing, and wondered to what extent Dutch Fear & Safety thinking - because everything is scary and danger lurks everywhere! - poisoned the ghosts of the traditional Dutch Dutch.

In the meantime, Turkey has been my attention for quite some time since we have the Yildiz Market on the village.

Because Mr. Mehmet sells meat that is much better and cheaper than the victims pimped with water and protein from the local supermarkets. And Kanunis also come from Turkey. Kombassan Kanuni took over the entire production of two-stroke motorcycles from MuZ in 1996, in fact the old MZ two-strokes. The machines came as MZ Kanuni on the market. Today, however, these MZ two-stroke engines are no longer used and Kombassan Kanuni markets its own models. But those Kanuni's were also available in 300 cc version. And those 50 cc extra are of course very nice for sidecar drivers,

But of course there must be more classics in Turkey.

Then you go looking for what they have as a 'Marketplace' in Turkey. Strangely enough, the search terms 'small ads, Turkey' only returns sex sites. In the meantime, we have figured out that - although they are neighboring countries - not many Russian motorcycles have found their base in Turkey. Certainly after the two-stroke story stopped, some commuter and work bikes were made locally based on eighties Hondaatjes. It is of course a factor that wealth and poverty were always quite clearly divided in the remnants of the Ottoman Empire. The rich bought American and European. The poor rummaged around marginally in Anatolia and such hinterlands. And a skinny donkey was already quite a means of transport there.

But there must be more than just dating sites

So you click on Google Translate and you find that you should search in Turkey for 'Satılık klasseik motosikle '. Then you get sites like Araba, Letgo. Tasit and Sahibinden. In that corner you will find some Jawas, Planetas, classic BMWs and a lot of Chinese clones with fantasy names. And while searching you will learn that in Turkey there are sky-high import tariffs for vehicles. The offer is therefore mainly in the light segment, but it is good that the new Jawa 300 is also offered in Turkey. But you can also simply go to the Netherlands for that.

There is an agreement

We also found that the EU has concluded a customs agreement with Turkey, which means that usually no import duties have to be paid, if the products that are delivered are produced in the EU or Turkey and have an ATR certificate. This certificate must be sent by the supplier. Because the preparation of the certificate takes a relatively long time, it is almost never included, so you will still have to pay import duties. For large purchases, it can therefore pay to contact the supplier to receive a certificate. All in all, we have something to think about. Later, while shopping, ask Mr Mehmet if he has any tips.

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  1. Dear Dolf, you are not now promoting Turkey, Erdogan rules, or sex sites?
    Because before you know it, there will be another boycott

    • Hi Jp, Nothing against Turks or Turkey, I wouldn't know what we would do without the Yldiz Market. And Erdogan is yet another proof that old men should not have power and as long as we as citizens are already screwed like that by our own government I don't need sex sites

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