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Classics do not often stay in the Netherlands.

Classics often cross the border. That is known. For some traders, between 80-90% of the turnover comes from the various foreign countries. There is an explanation for that.

The Dutch classic world flourished early. There was already lively interest and money for classics here when those things in the rest of Europe and the USA were still just considered old stuff.

At that time, Dutch enthusiasts and traders brought the famous 'few' containers and trucks full of classics from all countries where those things were worth nothing. A truck driver known to us - now more than retired - picked up at least one Laverda or Benelli on every trip back to the Netherlands. He bought it there for a few hundred guilders. Similarly, there are now more DSs here than in France. But also from the Swiss Moto Sacoches and all sorts of other national brands little remained behind at home. This also applies to the illustrious products of the once proud Belgian motorcycle industry.

Classics came from everywhere

The big bangs naturally came from the parties ex government Harleys from Greece and Central American countries. Entire gangs came from the former British colonies Triumphs, Match lessons and Ariels. The whole of France was also stripped of its historic motorcycle heritage. Many German classics found their way to the Netherlands. Go on and on.

And in the meantime, people in all those countries have come to the sad conclusion that they have sold their heritage. And now they are sorry. And every country wants its classics back now. And they come here for it. And they also want to pay a lot for that.

90% For export

We were at Dutch Lion Motorbikes in Grubbenvorst where 90% of the trade goes to all possible foreign countries. All of them are conveniently sorted out to the countries of origin.

The only bulk that is really wanted everywhere, those are the very early engines. And those rarities are then sold in every state of service.
So we have to go shopping this holiday season.
Otherwise, no classics will be left here!

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