Class of 62, Ferrari 250 GTO

Class of 62: Ferrari GTO

The last car in the mini series "class of 62" is the unreachable Ferrari 250 GTO. The car made its first test drive at 11 August 1961 at the Autodromo Nazionale. At that time there was no paint on the body and the coach was also not completely finished. According to "das Offizielle Buch, Ferrari1947-1997" the twelve-cylinder engine came from the Testa Rossa and the chassis was the same as that of the 250 GT. 39 cars were built in total.

They were not cheap in 1962, but dropped in value in the following years. It is unbelievable that the English playboy Alain de Cadenet has had six and used them to race. He bought them for around 1500 pounds and sold them again after a few races with a profit. One copy even produced 3000 pounds. That didn't mean that racing was cheap in his time, but he also didn't lose a lot of money. The 250 GTO in the photo is by Nick Mason. The Pink Floyd drummer bought his car back in the seventies. He even used the car daily. At one point it was even the only car that did it and the GTO was also used to bring the children to school. Nick Mason regularly visits the Goodwood Revival weekend with the GTO. This year he will again be present. The fact that the 250 GTO is 50 is being celebrated in a spectacular way during the upcoming Revival. Namely with a Ferrari 250 GTO only race. Imagine a whole starting field with priceless cars! It should not get any crazier. Years ago a few Englishmen asked me about my favorite cars. I would still answer that question. The 250 GTO is one of my favorite cars .. The Transporter from Ecurie Ecosse too. Both are unreachable and that is why I have models of it. And photos.

Text and photo: Jacques van den Bergh

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