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Class of 62 Cobra

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Class of 62, Cobra 

One of the most reconstructed cars is the Cobra. The Cobra was an idea from the American Texan, Carol Shelby. He was already active in racing in the 1950s and he was looking for a fast car to ride in the American FIA races.

After driving in all kinds of makes, including a Buick special called Old Yeller II, the idea arose to build his own car. That has become the Cobra. The idea was simple. A powerful V8 engine had to be built into a light chassis. Carol Shelby initially approached Chevrolet for the engine, but they did not want to compete with their Corvette. Then he tried his luck at Ford. That company had just developed a new small V8 and he managed to get two engines to experiment with. The first thought was to mount that engine in an Austin Healey. But that didn't work. Then the choice fell on the AC brand. You can say that the rest is history. Who does not know the AC Cobra? Later models were also released under the name Dax Cobra and many more variants were released. The first Cobra was ready in 1962. The plan was that after that, 100 more cars would be built, but that eventually became more than 600. The photos show two Cobras equipped with a hardtop. They took part in the spectacular TT race during the Goodwood Revival weekend. A few more cars are featured in the class of 62 series. Those are the Alfa Giulia Super, the MG B and the Ferrari 250 GTO.


Text and photos: Jacques van den Bergh

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