Class of 62 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super

Class of 62: Alfa Romeo Giulia


The second to last car from the class or 62 series that I deal with is the Alfa Romeo Giulia. The arrival of this car meant a lot to Alfa Romeo. In 1962 the car was presented with a bench in the front and with the gear lever on the steering column. Disc brakes were also not commonplace. But that would all change quickly.

The car was equipped with a centrally located gear lever on the tunnel and there were disc brakes and faster engines. A beautiful coupe was also built on the same chassis. They were initially called the Giulia GT. The bodywork was the result of the Bertone company and enthusiasts often refer to the "Superies" and "Bertjes". The third variant on the same chassis was the Alfa Spider. The so-called "Supertjes" drove great. I have had many in all sorts of variants. They were equipped with 1300 and 1600 cc engines, but the thick 2 liter engine from the Berlina and the Bertone GTV also fitted. In 1980 I had an 1300 Giulia from 1971 with an 2 liter engine in it. The rear axle and the gearbox had remained standard. As a result, the car was very fast, but the top speed was below the 190 kilometer. We were en route from Venlo to Amsterdam and soon we came across a brand new BMW 323 that wanted to pass us by. The man couldn't do that. The standard badge with the 1300 logo was mounted on the boot lid of our Super and at Utrecht the man opened his window to ask what kind of engine was under the hood. The same combination of engine and car was also used for racing. That class was called Squadra Bianca. 

Text and photo: Jacques van den Bergh

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